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  1. Most likely not, after some tweaking i kinda fixed it and ALL My other games run fine and even a friend on a 1080ti has less GPU usage than me. Here's another dude with same issue. its no bottleneck its the game. https://steamcommunity.com/app/674020/discussions/0/1645418448925694453/
  2. It was my RAM. It used all my 8 gigs, since i upgraded it , it doesnt happen anymore. Atleast to me. But i'd like to see some more gpu usage We tried out WW3 on a friends PC on a 1080ti and his GPU usage was even lower than mine and mine is already at 60% max. His was at 30-40.. Good work tho! game is getting better and better!
  3. The issue is fixed by upgrading ram. I did run another RAM cleaner cuz i figured out how much RAM w10 uses in "standby" cache. Still didn't help because warzone maps take over 10gigs most of the times. No memory cleaner is gonna help you there with only 8 gigs.
  4. Its set to ultimate performance and all power saving features are off. My fps are capped in menu and uncapped ingame, but it still uses 99% of my GPU in menu and less than 70% ingame every time
  5. i5 4460 3.20 ghz 1050ti 4gb 16gb 3200 mhz w10 msi z97 gaming 43
  6. I had a lot of issues since 0.6 but i finally fixed them and im having a BLAST with WW3, but one thing - Why is the GPU usage always under 70%? In main menu its always 99% but not ingame which causes FPS drops. CPU usage is always at 99% tho. I even cranked the settings up ( i saw a pic on reddit which improved the performance for a lot of people) but i didn't help me unfortunate.
  7. Seems like it. TDM maps use around 6-7 gigs and warzone maps over 10 gigs. Had no issues before 0.6 tho with 8 gigs. Now its time to tweak some stuff for better performance
  8. Thanks a lot! Is there anything else i can do to help?
  9. Update: This is what it looks like when it freezes. Still wondering why i was able to play before 0.6 without freezes or crashes..
  10. I kinda fixed it by removing "start as admin" - Sometimes i get into a match and sometimes it still get a freeze but atleast its kinda working right now. Also what i've noticed after i was able to join a few matches whenever it almost freezes my GPU load goes from over 90% to 1-3%. This could be it? Im pretty sure its not my PC because i can play all games fine without any freezes or fps issues. (this is what it looked like when i joined a match, weapon wasn't loading)
  11. Thats why i made an account here, because i didn't get any help and it literally breaks my PC. And since the PTE is offline i can't check if its still working on PTE. Main menu or when it freezes? When it freezes my MSI overlay disappears..
  12. Hey, I can't get into matches since 0.6. It loads for like 4min and then my fps drop to 1 and it mostly makes my whole PC freeze. Sometimes i get into a match but then its 1-3 fps for like a min until everything freezes. I had no issues to play all maps before 0.6 , since 0.6 i can't get into any matches. What i've tried so far -Reinstalling/Redownloading over 10 times -game on SSD -verified cache -deleted ww3 in %appdata% -updated / downgraded gpu driver -xbox dvr is off - game bar too -no avira running I am really frustrated because the game is finally good and i was able to play but now i can't play it anymore. FeelsBadMan. Even afraid to try to join a match again cuz of the PC freeze. Hopefully someone know more about this. i5 4460 3.20 ghz 1050ti 4gb 8 gigs w10 (Had the game running 100-180 fps before 0.6. So my PC is not the issue, don't @me with 8 gigs is too low)
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