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  1. So, I'm sure most of you here know about the Remington 700, or have at least seen one or heard of it. If not, these links will give you a general idea. Now, you're probably wondering: what's so special about this rifle? The answer is... it really isn't special. Which begs the question as to why I'd want it included... and that's where a very recently announced product comes in. Meet the MK2 Bullpup Chassis for Model 700 bolts and barrels, produced by MK Machining, which was announced at SHOT Show 2018. Now, it's not exactly the prettiest thing ever. But it's cool, unique, and functional. More importantly, due to the action it uses, it gives the developers a lot of leeway in terms of balancing. It could use standard .308WIN/7.62x51NATO... or it could use something more interesting, like, say, 6.8x43mm Remington SPC, .224 Valkyrie, .358 Remington, 6.5x39, et cetera. It feeds from standard, detachable short-action AICS pattern magazines, which can come in 5 or 10 round variations from Magpul and other manufacturers. Additionally, it is capable of having rails installed on the fore-end, which, let's be honest, they probably are going to be in the game. The pistol grip is of the flat-top AR-10/15 style, and replaceable. Another notable point of its design is the bolt-handle extension piece, which is used to make the bolt more ergonomic for the bullpup design of the chassis via extending it forwards, making it quicker and easier to cycle and close. In closing, I think it would be a very welcome, unique, and fun addition to the game considering the very... limited pool of bolt actions we currently have - that is to say, two. What do you guys think?
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