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  1. I actualy feel like quitting the game now because thats just.... I feel being shit on.
  2. I have it on 2800 mhz. While its true that 3200 can increase the avg fps by lifting the 1% lows the overall performance doesnt really change a whole lot. I can try though to get my handy on a low profile 3200 kit as my 4000 mhz kit looks ugly and doesnt fit at all.
  3. The PTE is a little bit too large to just download. I prefer waiting for the update here. And it usuly crashes when I leave Warzone matches after they are over
  4. It didnt really improve my fps. Got rid of some weird stuterring though!
  5. Its set to performance mode since the RTX cards actualy require that and Cuda is set to all by default. Ima try the config thing and try to rerun testing. The game atm is using 11GB VRAM
  6. Framesmoothing doesnt increase my fps and CPU assist is on
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Im having really low and inconsistent fps in this game. 40-80 at best. My GPU usage sits around 50% and CPU at 30%. When I enable SLI it kinda goes up to 60-80% per card but eh... GAME BUILD ID 3898219 STEPS TO REPRODUCE Any settings, any resolution, any drivers. Full server, empty server. Map doesnt matter. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS CPU: 8700k @5ghz GPU: 2x 2080ti (SLI on or off barely makes any difference. Turning SLI on with a custom profile barely improved my fps though.) RAM: 32GB SSD: 960 Evo (nvme m.2) The system itself functions pretty much perfectly fine in any other game or benchmark. CRASH LOG I cant send any crashlogs since it doesnt let me--
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