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  1. As is true in real life, small caliber weapons wouldn't be super effect, ideally it would require quite a few rounds to take out a single tire. And maybe don't even add it for IFVs, doing something like letting RPGs disable the tracks on a tank could be added. Not sure if the Devs would prefer a more Arma style vehicle play, or a more battlefield style. Honestly its not as bad as I think most people make it out to. Sure, the free vehicles that spawn are quite vulnerable to RPGs, but a good driver is self aware of his especially weak rear, and if you're putting yourself in a position where and enemy infantry can rush you, get behind you, and RPG, then you are already overextending where armored vehicles should be. A good driver stays back and uses his superior firepower and better front armor to stay alive. Whenever im in a tank/IFV I'm always aware and actively re-positioning my vehicle so any potential enemy attackers will be positioned at my front (thats not to say I don't occasionally overextend or get outplayed). If an enemy infantry can outplay you, then thats just what happened, you got outplayed. Not only does skill make the low-armored free vehicles pretty effective if you know what you're doing, if you invest the money into really maxing out a more premium strike vehicle option, it can be outfitted with a large amount of counter-measures that make it much easier to survive, as well as much more deadly. And don't forget thats all you have to do, survive, if you survive an enemy AT attack, and get out, you can get back to base, repair, and be back in action in your fully rearmed and healed, overpowered tank. As long as you don't let the enemy get the wonder shot on the rear if you got no countermeasures, you can simply pull out and repair. When the game first came out, I used to run maxed out tanks with a friend and just us two could easily shut down entire games (I prefer infantry play nowadays and don't use vehicles much). Even if the enemy started rocketing us like crazy, we could simply pull back and repair (and with 2 vehicles, the pressure on the enemy is constant, even if one guy is repairing, and you're only gone for like 40 seconds). You could argue strikes could kill you, but cheaper strikes like airstrikes and artillery can again be easily avoided by good drivers (even tanks can drive very fast). If you forget and don't avoid the strike, you deserve to be killed by it. That's the point of a skill based game. The best counter would be the aptly high-priced Mephisto strike. Its really the only time I use it, to eliminate a enemy vehicle that's steamrolling our team. Enemy infantry shooting out your optics is also a great counter, but you can still limp back and repair the optics which I have done many times. I don't think the RPG is overpowered, I think players just need to learn how to better use their vehicles. Maybe just add some drop on the RPG to make it less effective at range. This isn't BF4, you can't just steamroll in with a vehicle, get yourself surrounded by infantry, and not expect to get one-shot because you left your rear exposed - as is true in real life. If you're smart and stay back and just provide support and prevent large enemy infantry pushes, you can still dominate using vehicles.
  2. PTE shows up as an entirely separate game in my steam library, which is not installed, and I never installed. Why would installing the game automatically install both versions, and not tell me?
  3. after a PC restart after the game installed, the extra space was cleared - the fact still remains that steam told me it would be 55GB and in the end it used over 105GB to install. I had to clear off pretty much everything off my small SSD.
  4. I had 88GB free on my SSD, started to install the game, it says it will use 55GB/88GB. 20 min later my SSD has zero space. All 88GB free. I then free up another 10GB (when the game is at 17.5/19.7GB) and at 19/19.7GB and im out of space again. Why is it using over 100GB of space to install the game?
  5. Possibly , I have only personally tested up to 4 mines per person. So 84 deployable mines at once is balanced when most maps can have all key corridors covered with 5-10 mines when mines are also a one-hit? Yeah, sounds balanced. And players agree, mine placement is wonky. I already said you can replicate mine throws only when standing still and it's placed right in front of you. The problem is I'm not standing perfectly still like a perfect target when I deploy mines. I'm on the move. I'm glad it works for you but for me being a fast moving player it's not working right 80-90% of the time in a predictable way, so it's a problem that needs to be looked at. The devs want feedback. Mines aren't perfect. I'm explaining why. You seem to really be negative in all suggestions for improving the game. Do you just want the game in early access forever? Working on little things like these are what make a game polished.
  6. Again, the devs arent going for a simulator. Vehicle damage and a module type system that was recommended by another player is a feature in games like Arma 3, which are indeed simulator games. You're worried about it being unbalanced that a vehicle with no tires might have trouble turning when there are instant healing medpacks and platforms which magicaly repair vehicles that have been RPG'd?
  7. A tire can be reinflated after being hit be an RPG? Or C4? Or a anti-tank mine? There wouldn't be any tire left to Inflate. The devs have said they aren't going for 100% realism in the game. They said they aren't making a simulator, they want people to have fun.
  8. Sorry, should have searched for those posts. My last point on being able to fill the map with anti-tank mines still stands though, especially if they fixed the detonation issue.
  9. Certainly there are places just like that are better for the JDAM, which I acknowledge, but I think the WCMD is also very good in the locations too - if anything, the JDAM is only slightly better and only in those place, but the WCMD's massively increased width gives you a MUCH wider margin of error, which is why I strongly believe its better than the JDAM in 95% of use cases. I have used the WCMD to great effect in the locations you list. Its not like the length of the WCMD is wimpy, its quite long still. Maybe the JDAM needs a battlepoint requirement increase too.
  10. Me being an NA player I definitely see a lot of empty unused servers and would much rather see those servers shut down to allow a server in SA. After all, you can't expect to grow that player base if they will always have a sub-par experience by having no servers local. I say this without knowing what exactly setting up a server for SA entails though.
  11. Anti-tank mines although useful (I always run them) are pretty wonky right now. One, there have been DOZENs of instances of enemy vehicles literally driving right over my mines, and they do not detonate. At first I thought maybe they had a timer, so you couldn't just whip mines out that are instantly effective, but it seems even if they have a good 20+ seconds of sitting, they still aren't triggered. It seems more or so they have a mind of their own when it comes to detonating, or there is a longer timer before they become "active" im unaware of. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing an enemy tank in the distance, proactively mining a corridor in advance, then seeing the enemy vehicle literally PARK on top of my mine 15 seconds later and it doesn't detonate. This has happened multiple times where I've seen an enemy vehicle literally stop on top of my mine and it doesn't detonate, or drive over it with its wheels and have no detonation. Maybe its something to do with vehicle hitboxes? One thing I can do is if i walk up to an enemy vehicle, I can launch a mine to be slightly under it, and it'll explode after around 2-5 seconds and kill it. Other times I do the exact same thing, and the mine never goes off. Even If I place one in the front AND rear of the vehicle, and if the enemy drives the vehicle off my mines, even when I have one set at the front and rear, they STILL don't detonate. There just seems to be no consistency. And it sucks to sprint into enemy fire, get a mine placed (sometimes even both!), get killed, and then the enemy vehicle literally backs off the mine and it doesn't detonate; especially when it could be a game changing kill like on an enemy MRAP. Secondly, the physics of throwing them is very unpredictable. I've have throws where it flings a comical 20ft away from me, and I've had throws where it plops down a mere 1ft in front of me. I try jumping, running, ect, to try and affect the physics of the throw, but it truly feels unpredictable as to how the mine's physics will take over once I throw the mine. The only outcome that is predictable is when you are standing completely still and deploy the mine. When im in the heat of combat, and trying to place a mine in a specific spot, it can get frustrating when the mine decides to have a mind of its own and I can't seem to figure out how to replicate far throws or short throws. Thirdly, even though half the time my mines simply don't work, it is slightly broken how every spawn, I can thrown down 2 mines, and they stay forever it seems. And If i respawn, and thrown down more, they keep stacking. Me and my friend can have an easy 8+ mines all over the place. If you fix the detonation issues, it could get a bit trolly if an enemy squad who is actually strategizing just throws mines everywhere; maybe limit the amount of active mines a player could have, or make them spawn with only a single mine to reduce how quickly a single player can mine up an area. Players don't seem to be abusing this power yet, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be looked at.
  12. Didn't realize this, thank you. Mods you can delete the post if thats the case. Not trying to spam suggestions or anything, just trying to point out as many little things as I can while playing to help improve the game.
  13. Currently, when you buy new soldier cosmetics, or gun attachments, its a two step process. You have to buy the item, then go back and actually equip it. It really should just auto-equip the gear, or the attachment for the selected gun. After all, why else would you be buying an item?
  14. Im not aware of what this issue is, but there was no warm-up for me. The second the game loaded, I was able to spawn, and not in the warm-up. And when the game was loaded in before I died when i spawned, it was not in warmup.
  15. Title pretty much says it all, it would be nice if squad leaders could mark an attack/defend objective from the spawn menu.
  16. I have another post about how the Mephisto is a bit overpriced in terms of its battle point cost, but there is also another issue. It costs 400% more than its hellfire counterpart. I was pretty disappointed to drop 50K on it thinking I'd get a better hellfire. Without knowing the battlepoint cost before purchase, its really hard to decide if its worth it or not. Please add the battlepoint cost as a displayed stat for all strikes. Im wondering how many battlepoints the Stormbreaker will cost and if it is possibly a better pick than the Mephisto, but im not about to blindly spend 42,500 on it simply to find out how many battlepoints it costs to use.
  17. The WCMD is better than the JDAM and costs the exact same amount of battle points. I heavily disagree. the wide width of the WCMD consistently kills a lot more infantry (and vehicles!) and lets you blanket bomb key areas like capture points much easier. JDAM is a 6 meter width and WCMD is 15m, while still being long enough to easily cover an entire capture point, and then some. Im sure there might be some narrow corridors on some maps the JDAM would be good for, but the WCMD is much better in every other way and is much more deadly in a lot more scenarios. Sounds like you've never tried out the WCMD...Or you just don't know how to effectively use it. Whatever the JDAM can do, the WCMD can do better.
  18. Infantry can shoot vehicles optics and really change an engagement (which is a awesome feature in the game) but it would be really nice if a infantry could also shoot vehicles tires, especially ones on IFVs, to slow them and lower their maneuverability.
  19. The MRAP (spawn truck) doesnt not give any hitmarkers or any feedback whatsoever when you shoot and hit enemy infantry. Its very weird as I don't know if im actually shooting them or not. Please add hit markers for this vehicles weapon.
  20. I think there might need to be some re-balance on these strikes. The Mephisto, although quite powerful, is directed on a specific spot and hits a pretty general area. I would say the Mephisto is equal power to the WCMD, but costs WAY more. Especially as a active squad leader getting tons of strikes, Im dropping many WCMDs one after another and just absolutely decimating enemies when paired with a flying eye to see where the enemy is moving. The Mephisto cost me a whopping 50K to unlock, but I almost never use it because the WCMD is just so inexpensive compared to it (both in battlepoint cost and the cost of unlocking the strike), and its arguable better because its a large carpet bomb, that can also kill vehicles, and I set it, and then I can run. Often I will launch the WCMD, then immediately charge an enemy position and mop up the survivors who are still disoriented. The Mephisto is arguable around the same damage, but I cannot move while using it. Its definitely better in the sense that If I know where an enemy vehicle is, I can specifically target it and take it out, whereas with the WCMD I risk the chance of the vehicle moving out. My suggestion would be to look at either reducing the battlepoint cost to the Mephisto, or raise the battlepoint cost of the WCMD, or to lower the buy in price of the Mephisto at least. I use these strikes personally to devastating effect on the enemy team every game, so its not even in the interest of me to suggest this. I usually #1 in the game 90% of the time and these are the strikes that im mopping up the enemy with. The only time I ever use the Mephisto over the WCMD is when I have a huge stockpile of battle points and I need to guarantee a target is killed (like a tank) to allow infantry to proceed.
  21. Sorry, I do not remember what the game said cause of death was. I've just never had it happen before in my 68 hours of playtime so I figured I put in a bug report to make sure you knew it was something that happens.
  22. Im not sure if this is already in the works or been suggested, but I thought "man why isn't this in the game" months ago and it still isn't. There should be a HUD element that displays the square flag icons, just like you see them when you're running around, but as a fixed UI element on the side, so that way at a quick glance I can see what the control status of flags is, and what is being captured. I run squad leader all the time and The amount of times I have to stop and take a look around to see if flags are being captured is very high. It would be very useful if at a glance I could see "hey, the enemy just started capping B1 behind me, I should go counter-attack". Currently I have to constantly swing my guys head around to keep tabs on our teams control of flags so I can make a determination of where my squad needs to focus its efforts. To take it a step further, if a flag is under your control and being captured, you could even make the icon on the HUD either flash with a color change or something to indicate that that objective is currently being taken, as sometimes I have to stare at a flag to see the red capture progress bar move to actually make sure the flag is being actively captured or if an enemy just ran through it because they think they are playing call of duty. It might only save me a few seconds, but when you're squad leader and running and gunning, it makes a difference as I make split-second decisions on what to attack.
  23. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Upon loading into a brand new match of warzone on Smolensk, I attempted to spawn in the spawn truck at our spawn right at the beginning of the match before anyone else had spawned (I use an M.2 SSD and usually get in first, so I was in the game extremely early compared to others, this could be a key point in reproduction). Upon selecting the spawner truck (the vehicle people on your team an use as a spawn point) and hitting deploy, I was instantly killed and my character/camera was flown way into the sky like tanks used to when the game first came out. I was only able to capture a screenshot of the minimap after my death (see below). Its worth noting that it seems at least 2-3 other teammates on my team possibly died the exact same way, as other people had 0 kills and 1 death like me as well, and since the game literally just started for not even 1-2 seconds , it would be impossible for us to die from any other means. I knew this because right after my death I immedietly checked the scoreboard to see if this death counted against me (and it did) and I saw my teammates also had deaths. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3940880 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): As far as I know, upon a fresh game (RIGHT when it starts), spawn in the spawn truck. I've never had this happen before, but then again, I've never had a game where I immediately spawned into a spawner truck. I don't even recall any games where this spawner truck was even a starting vehicle. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): n/a CRASH LOG (if any): n/a
  24. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198020093023/ 76561198020093023 I've been checking my class after every game to see if it happens again, I've played maybe like 10 games since posting this and the issue has yet to repeat itself.
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