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  1. Thanks. I'll try it out when I get home, I think I already see a way of getting down there
  2. Have a link to the video? Im sure I can find another way of getting under it
  3. This helped me find a even more extreme glitch, lets you get under and outside of the map, or lets you see through any floor in the map.
  4. Description: Lets you see, call and shoot through a specific area of the map to cover B1 mainly you can also cover tunnels. How to: https://youtu.be/8iyZNatmBbA Build: 3940880 big bug plz fix
  5. How to: Push the front of the APC into a wall or a barrier, go prone in front of it and stand up, you can shoot through the model and you cant be shot, only from a few angles Build: 3940880
  6. Also found a bug with the forums, if you upload images (I used imgur) and put a video before the imgur link that disappeared and transformed into an image and press "display link only" on the video it removes the images uploaded, ctrlz to fix. It be weird. My idea at what this could be. Is when I hit that barrier to get me to 0 hp, if it was a barrier or a time limit or a glitch idk. But I assume my player had an indicator that indicated what team I was on, when I re spawned I lost that indicator that told me what team I was on and because I didn't have a team the flash bangs from either team didn't effect me.
  7. Ok, I've got some weird ones for ya guys. First, you can get under the map in a seemingly infinite freefall, after that free fall you cant respawn, after the round end you cant hear sounds but you can see through flashes, they dont effect you, and your name will be black and other weird things happen, my shotgun reload animation was in a loop, it even happened to the other guy in the game. (the video ends after the first seconds, dont watch the whole thing) https://youtu.be/AmAGk0Gpurg How to: This is cause of this is dying as the round ends and a new one begins, I havent had the chance to try this again but if phase through the floor you will fall for alittle while, but you will get to a point where your health is 0 and you cant re spawn, from there the round ends and your name will be black, no sound and you can see through flashes. I dont think its a serious bug, you can see through flashes but you lose your ability to hear which is a poor trade off IMO Build: 3940880 Images:
  8. Just because you said that, makes me LOVE WW3 so much more. I absolutly love doing shit like this, with Sandstorm they add alot of collision boxes that block spots like this, and thanks for the reply!
  9. I can go ahead and try in War, but im not sure if war has rounds. Havent played alot of it
  10. Description: Allows you to go into some cheeky spots, and one spot that will lock you into that you cant get out of Build: 3940880 How to, first one is an easy spot to get stuck in, my idea for a fix is changing the collision box so its vertical like the other pillars, second, edge along the corner like I showed in the video and you can see through the holes in the cloth, works on both areas
  11. Description: See through props the enemy cant see through build: 3940880 How to: watch the video, you need to be on low view distance and sit in that area
  12. Description: cut ammo resupply time on big weapons in half Build: 3940880 How to: Shoot bullets on your main weapon, place ammo pack, switch to secondary and resupply ammo, it will take the time based on what weapon you have out, not on the weapon that needs ammo, the fix would be tying the time to weapon name instead of weapon that you have pulled out at the moment
  13. description: gain faster reloads on LMGs build id: 3940880 steps: When reloading a non empty box with an LMG and you throw a smoke grenade when you see your ammo count on the right side get to 100 (You need to be lying on your back) it will stop the reload animation and turn a 7 odd second reload time into 3-4 seconds
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