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  1. Wäre ich auch mal für. Ich bin auch gerade neu, schwer begeistert, aber alleine auch schnell tot Mit einem kleinen Squad wäre es bestimmt lustiger. Finde allerdings auch nicht wirklich aktive Gruppen...
  2. Server: EU Age: 34 Gender: M Language: german / (very bad englisch ^^ ) Where are you from: Germany Playstyle: I´m new. I haven´t a playstyle yet ^^ Microphone: yes What you expect from a team/clan: Searching for a smaller clan. Just 4 fun with a little bit tactical gameplay How often do you play: if i had time. 2 days a week...5 day a week... RL first ? Favorite game mode: Warzone Favorite map: - Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983930612/ Contact: add me on steam or PN here A few words about yourself: in teamspeak or discord you learn more about me
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