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  1. Completely agree with this. ... except Planetside Arena and their Devs, they can fuck off for all I care lol
  2. We don't need casual bullshit like this. We all learned the game the normal way, same should apply to new players even if they have an IQ of a mouth-drooling neanderthal.
  3. Honestly I disagree, the game is so dead right now the every 2 week period really does need to be applied. They can think about making it longer in between once we establish an actual playerbase. (Don't even get me started on how dead NA is lol)
  4. Boursk

    More Realistic

    I don't know what's wrong with these people dude, giant fucking TL;DR wall of text and they don't even add a damn tag lol No. (Mods keeps editing my posts lol)
  5. Free-To-Play every second weekend for this game would give it a very considerable increase in players. Personaly myself I decided to try this game during one of the free weekends and I found it cool so I bought the game and my friend did the same. I really think is a no-brainer because you guys would have alot more players buying the game. Steam-chart shows the obvious number difference... https://steamcharts.com/app/674020
  6. Free To Play during every weekend would liven the game up quite considerably. I found this game through a free weekend myself.
  7. Heli-drone equals fun! Then again so does 200 round UKM :^)
  8. See this is actually a smart suggestion. Do this.
  9. Right.. well my worry is only the fact that the whiny babies will be taken into consideration far too much and lead to bad development decisions (I've witnessed this in far too many games I don't play anymore) I'll say it and say it again; the only part I like about "realism" in a game is via how a game looks and at the same time; performs. And by no means do I wish it to affect gameplay as it's a continuous spiral downwards to something that is downright not fun to play with the ever-so incessant whining from bad players that only want some sort of deranged Milsim experience. I will put my faith in you guys at Farm 51 though for now to make good choices for the future of this game.
  10. Nothing wrong with the current system. Squad Leaders deserve to be in the fight consistently too, not to sit like fucking pussies in a corner just because his squadmates complained about not having a forward spawnpoint.
  11. Ugh I don't like the sound of that... can you at least make Light Speed class be somewhere in between Medium and Light based on the current weight system in this new configuration? Otherwise I might just avoid playing infantry as much as possible, I really don't enjoy moving slow.
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