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  1. Honestly I disagree, the game is so dead right now the every 2 week period really does need to be applied. They can think about making it longer in between once we establish an actual playerbase. (Don't even get me started on how dead NA is lol)
  2. Boursk

    More Realistic

    I don't know what's wrong with these people dude, giant fucking TL;DR wall of text and they don't even add a damn tag lol No. (Mods keeps editing my posts lol)
  3. Free-To-Play every second weekend for this game would give it a very considerable increase in players. Personaly myself I decided to try this game during one of the free weekends and I found it cool so I bought the game and my friend did the same. I really think is a no-brainer because you guys would have alot more players buying the game. Steam-chart shows the obvious number difference... https://steamcharts.com/app/674020
  4. It doesn't matter what it's about seemingly - All of the guys suggestions are terrible. I won't stand for any of them.
  5. Nah fuck that, it's fine where it is now lol
  6. IMPORTANT! Please use the bracket before describing your suggestion [Weapon], [Map], [Attachment], [Uniform], [Gadget], [Vehicles], [Feature].
  7. There doesn't need to be alot of info, it can literaly be just one icon that shows players everything they need to know about the player - CoD Modern Warfare 2 (and many of the other COD's) had a prestige icon that showed players what prestige the player is and it wouldn't hurt at all for WW3 to use a similiar concept. Also your fucking coloured text gives me eye cancer, stop pls
  8. How is additional progression options unnecessary? That's like saying "we could've added ketchup to your fries, but let's not" If anything they should be expanding vastly on the levels and the rewards you get from it to make the player feel like they're always working towards something so they have added incentive to keep playing the game - This is how you get players to stick around. And if they add additional emblems then they most definetly SHOULD be visible to everyone, and not just your teammates so you know what you're potentially up against.
  9. pretty hard to notice after you've just been TK'd as you're probably busy clicking the SPAWN button out of frustration
  10. In it's current state I'd say 75 % of the players we actually have don't even know the option is there, because this option ON TOP of being pretty hard to notice after you've just been TK'd as you're probably busy clicking the SPAWN button out of frustration; you only get 10 fucking seconds to decide what to do which is really stupid. Please increase this timer to at least 30 seconds AND make it alot more noticable for players so they actually get to choose what they want to do after getting teamkilled.
  11. Plus you also have the fact that if the Driver of the tank ends up dying when he jumps out; the tank is literaly yours for the taking - And who doesn't want a free tank?
  12. Strongly disagree, the system encourages you to shoot accurately and with purpose. Shooting optics on tanks is satisfying for this reason too, and not just infantry.
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