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  1. that wasn't the case if you just tried a little bit to understand instead of being like this... but who am i even talking to? have fun with your 20 people game but you wouldn't understand this too. anyways i can't play at all because of all the stutters, very annoying, after new unreal engine version... it was smooth before that
  2. tanks, armored carriers, etc... free spawning vehicles or calling(spawning) vehicles with bps etc. no need to delve into the techicalities of the language barrier, i think we can all understand each other if we try a little bit. even if there is no spawning tanks it still doesn't mean there is people that shoots to own teams vehicles
  3. sorry "new and improved movement system" is not yet released i guess. so hopefuılly it will be good. blowing up own teammates tanks doesn't need an explanation.
  4. lol nice point mate. everyone skipped 9s. windows 9, iphone 9, nvidia gtx900 series.. etc maybe that's the new trend
  5. wow. the game has like 20-30 people player base and all of them toxic haters like you. the guy is calmy explaining his comments on the game and you are fighting him like a kid and saying he loves cod, and he is a cod kid? what sadness realy... the game has been worse since it is updated to new unreal engine version, it is obvious from the player base. feeling is not good, performance is worse than before and graphics frankly is not better, netcode might be better in the background but as a player i don't feel it, new and improved movement system looks awesome in a test sandbox and gifs but it is not good when you are actually fighting in the game. i play the nearly everyweek once and and everyone is rpging, sniping each other like "stupid(!) cod kids" like you talk about. no one is doing objectives, teammates shooting each others tanks so they can get the next spawned tank etc. there is a playerbase of 50 people and nearly all of them toxic. if admins is not gonna do something about that, the playerbase is not gonna get bigger. personelly i don't play the game because of that. i don't think those toxic players doesn't know about how to write a qa report too. so being in early access doesn't really mean anything right now. sincerely, slawa.
  6. one shot is enough if you are also a solo sniper middle of nowhere, if you are fighter in a firefight, trying to hide from ifv fire while defending a capture point in a 3v3 firefight, running and covering, bullets flying everywhere, people shouting, and boom you die from some godly power from above (sniper bullet) you have no chance to determine his place in that festive of gun sounds! ofc 200 kilos cheeto hand camper sniper weebos would say it's fair! you should gave your address on the bullets so we can order hookers for you to you suck you while you are sniping huh? that more fair to you probably! aggre? honestly every single comment defending op pairings in this thread is trying to defend snipers! no one is even talking about rpgs or two rifle scenarios. just this shows all the people defending op sniper pairing here are basically no good no teamplay cocky camper snipers that don't give a thought about anybody or anything else. you outdone yourself guys, applause. this game is in serious need of army order just like in red orceshtra series, otherwise it is a fuckfest. hell everyone should just take op pairing and sit around the map, how is that sounds?
  7. SR will one hit kill you before you know where he even is, after one death you will most likely die once mroe to see where he is and he will surpise you with his ar while you search, after that it is fair fight but you already lost 2 lives... how is that fair?
  8. Hello good people, siema siema i'm following this game since day one and i was hyped very very much but i have my principles against buying early access games, but when i had the chance to play in the free wekeend in smolensk , couldn't hold myself, and bought the game expecting other maps would be so much bigger and better. (talking about warzone mode, never played dm) big fan of bf2, bf3(not new ones) and red orchestra/rising storm series. but i had a few shocks expecting more from this game. so i was expecting in warzone game mode infantry roles importance would be FORCED by the game. i just played a game in warsaw 2 enemy tanks + 2 enemy afvs was hitting us and only me and my friend was trying to rpg them with heat, suicide drones tried to buy a tank earning bps while other guys was just fragging/sniping in the other parts of the map and one of them got 34k battle points and he never once used uav, bought vehicle, used artilery! this cannot be and should not be accepted! game must punish players that don't give a tought about the team and the game mode, they can always play deathmatch if they just wanna kill people without much roles. or their bps should be given to other players that try to win the game instead of camping/fragging/sniping. we lost the game btw. problem with snipers: warzone maps are kinda small with uncertain map limits, 15vs15 and when 5 person takes snipers the game is basically done, it's no more fun! red orceshtra had sniper limit, anti-tank limit, one commander! you knew you were in a army order! warzone is basically deathmatch with capture points which some players don't give a thought about and ruin the whole game for everyone without any punishment. this should be fixed before launch. at least put a limit on snipers, other players can use battle rifles instead if they so much like optics. one hit kills with campers is never fun, they dont defend/attack they just get the frags and not use the bps... why even play warzone then? just because some games had too many useless-no teamplay- snipers i had stopped playing them. problems with maps: warzone mode should be bigger and at least 30v30, map area limits should be more certain, most of the time you think you are in map limits but accidently go outside which is very annoying. and not start countdown near enemy spawn area, instead prohibit firing, just like americans can't fire primary in vietnam tunnels like in rs:2vietnam. we should be able to fight in warsaw centralna in warzone mode, it already in the loading screen, it is a must. moscow map is basically camper sniper haven so sniper limit would fix it i guess. i see roadmap has no info about "bigger warzone" . i think you should think about it otherwise it would be waste of such a potential. i see i wrote alot and very lazy to summarize, probably in the wrong topic area too but hey thanks for reading! take care.
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