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  1. I dont get far enough to equip a secondary sight. As soon as I change the handgrip to *any* handgrip, other than the default, I cannot pick a single primary thermal scope. This is only the SA80 which seems to be bugged. If I try this on a G36 it works just fine with other handgrips.
  2. I've just confirmed, I had the CBQ hard-guard and that was blocking it. Still, weird that i did not see a message *about* hand-guard being the reason. I could have sworn I saw that very error message on other guns before.
  3. Usually it says that its restricted by the rail, in this case I didnt see any warning about it. I'll try that.
  4. Oh snap, I didn't see that in the optics. I'll look again, thanks!
  5. I've noticed enemies manage to slip up on me again, and again, and again. I have no idea they are near because they dont make a sound. At it's most basic level, I would HIGHLY recommend you add enemy footsteps. How loud they are should be dependent on how fast they are moving Sneaking silently should still be possible for those that move very slowly It should be harder to sneak when your weight is heavy It's about how much weight is pressing down on your footsteps, not how heavy your armor is I'm hearing from other than this already exists, but I have yet to notice any enemy footstep sounds. This is WW3, not WW2, or WW1. The ability to carry equipment that assists in detection should exist. Gun-Cameras to peek around corners Not to shoot, just to peek Thermal Optics (come on, this has existed for a long time!) Via mounted optics on your gun Best to provide/modify certain optics to have thermal always-on, so that you have to toggle between primary/secondary to use it It appears these already exist, although I am confused why I cannot mount one on my SA80 while also mounting a grip. In fact I can ONLY use it on the stock handgrip, any other handgrip refuses to allow it. Via binoculars you have to put your gun away to use Holding a key to bring them up would be better than having to switch back and forth Kill Camera I don't care if the camera is obscured or otherwise 'not precise' so long a I have the general idea where they came from
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