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  1. I think it's a matter of time. Until the game becomes more popular. I want a SA server
  2. When the player is capturing A1 the icon (A1) could appear smaller and in the upper part of the screen. I reduced the scale by 40% and now I liked the result Compass, is it really necessary? does not bother but I don't see function, because everything appears on the screen. If I mark the enemy, you see a red square on the screen, if the leader marks a target, you see a red square on the screen ... For vehicles it may be more important But HUD is the least of the problems, I reduced the scale by 40% and i am happy
  3. I have listed some points that I see space to improve I want the game to be a real success. I love this game. They are only suggestions, if none can be met, I will continue playing and enjoying the game.
  4. Objectives A1, A2, B1 .... pollute the screen depending on how far you are from them. When we are far, the size is good. Add all: Indication of the Squadron Team Indication Marking of other objectives A2, B1 .... Indication of vehicles Goal that the leader has determined The markings have different size depending on the distance and can get very large on the screen damage indicator may also be lower But HUD is the least of the problems
  5. Sound: Please improve the game audio. Give more life to the sound, i want to see stronger and more powerful explosions (and the player should be stunned) I know the game is still in E.A. but work harder on the sound part of the game Improve the sound of footsteps, the sound of weapons, ambient sound, rain sound.. The sound of the vehicles is still terrible is very low in some moments, the player does not realize localization of the vehicle only by the sound. Maps: More wall cover and any less aisles. We need more maps on more rugged terrain, on the riverside and with boats, in the middle of residential areas, a night map (my vote: Smolensk), a valley region, an industrial area, maps with more vertical areas.... Make Smolensk Night Happen (it will be wonderful to see muzzle flash and laser beams through the forest ) On a night map strategies would have to be different Bring the war to the sea HUD: The game HUD could be cleaner Map rotation: You can not keep playing the same map for so long Put a voting system on the next map BOTs: Put bots in the game while other players enter I do not like bots, but I do not mind playing with them while I wait for other players. One player enters, one BOT comes out ... until the match has only players I prefer Bots than stay without playing Bots very difficult (please) PVP: 20 vs 20 please Game Mode: Please look at Push mode (from Insurgency Sandstorm), it is an excellent game mode. One team attacks and the other defends, the team that is defending each lost goal retreats on the map. A game mode pushing the opponent is more fun and requires more interaction from the whole team than a simple TDM
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