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  1. I've already been told that you can change it in the settings. But, it shouldn't be a setting. It should be global factions, not predefined by a setting that isn't obvious to a new player.
  2. 1. Have global factions, it allows players to listen to enemy voices to gauge who's around. Adds tactical advantages as you can throw nades to hear voice call outs, thus giving enemy positions away. Sp RU/FR/UK/US/CN etc. 2. Add a training camp, since we cannot customise in-game I'm assuming due to the complexity and vast amount of attachments you can add/change (Which is a nice medium between Tarkov and Battlefield 4). Add a training camp which will allow players to use all the weapons, vehicles, battlestrikes etc and allow full customisation. Some of the customisations that can be done are not always straight forward. So having a place where you can learn gun recoil patterns, learn what that specific attachment does and how it alters the weapon. Same with vehicles, it would be nice to try different turrets/ammo types etc and even battlestrikes too. 3. the UFV Helicopter drone is far too overpowered, either add a larger cooldown, or nerf the vehicle. So it cannot be repaired, or have ammo refills. I have just witnessed a guy go 100+ kills/8 deaths, simply because he was spamming the helicopter, which is impossible to kill by yourself unless you RPG it. Even vehicles have very little chance against it which is stupid. 4. Try to protect the spawns a lot more, basecamping seems quite popular in this game as most bases are open to enemy vehicles to camp. No enemy vehicle/player/drone should be allowed to enter the team base. 5. Change the damage models, the current damage models for the guns seems quite random. From getting hit 20-40 in the arm/legs/hands/feet, just removes the need for players to try to aim well. Also, getting hit 8-99 in the head by rifles seems pretty ridiculous. Possibly change it so the un-important limbs take lower damage, because at the minute you can just aim the legs and kill someone without even seeing their body. 6. Possibility of having different modes, so normal mode and hardcore. Normal model is similar to BF4, where you have a minimap, lower recoil, lower damage and no team killing. (Granted in my opinion the lower damage actually takes more skill than the higher damage, since the players with lower reaction times and poor aim will get punished, since better players can rotate and kill them.) Hardcore being more damage, no minimap, higher recoil, higher damage and team killing. 7. Night maps, or even maps with a day/night cycle. As the match progresses it gets progressively darker/lighter might be a different approach compared to other games in the same genre. 8. Add more handguns, like the deagle/magnum/G18 etc, there's only 3 current handguns which isn't much to play with. 9. Add queues into servers, also making it so people in your squad in the main menu can join when you use quick join. Possible way of allowing friends to join you, by having it suggest to your friends that you're playing on a server so they can join. 10. Have servers go through a rotation, or allow players to vote for the next map. It's annoying constantly changing servers to go through all the maps, otherwise the game-play becomes stale just sticking to one map.
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