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  1. they need to add in the javalin i think that would be awesome and can only lock on tanks and air nd i think also they need to fix the h.e explosive redius for tank shells and apcs because to many times i shot ppl nd my round hits a foot away or 2 or just behind them nd they dont die
  2. thank u so much for helping me out and geting my things fix and please tell the person who did it a big thank u love this game
  3. ok sorry my name on steam is Tokingreenmonkey420 i hope that helps if not please let me knwo i will get more info and its only on my na server also https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198809506750/ srry
  4. yes thats what happend and now i cant fix it eather i sent the config fix help thing but no anser yet
  5. sooo hears the deal i changed all my loadout names like Canadian american russain so on and now all my gun are gone i cant change my gun anything on my gun noting but my strikes are still there i can still pick if i want tanks ifv afv or arty and changed everything on them but have no gun change so can anyone help i did the fix config thing but no anser yet WARNING DONT DO IT unless u have everything u want because u cant change ur guns
  6. I think they should add in random map choice so once u finsh a battle on one map it changes the map or add in a voting sestom
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