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  1. The more I see about this game, the more I realize how complex it is. Thanks for the help, no doubt this game is great, I'll play with the tips you gave me, nothing that 100 hours played does not make me play well hahaha, thanks again!
  2. I started playing for a week and I did not understand much about the mechanics of the game. I go into a match and when I see an enemy I give several and several shots and he does not die, but then he gives me three shots and I die. help me, how can I improve my weapon damage and my protection. Unfortunately I do not know if there was any tutorial when we opened the game for the first time, because when I opened, my PC restarted itself and when I opened the game again it was already on the home page. Help me because I do not want to play no more like a noob hahaha.
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