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  1. Hi worldwar3 Devs, great job with the game.. wel the big question is in the title, Futher i really enjoy ingame content with the customization. Very good gameplay and optimization with graphic wise. i feel some guns need re balancing like : the SIG distance. WIth the M4 NWS, been getting alot of Huh moments with these rivals?, i dont know if the fire rate, of spread over distance . that the only thing that been returning as a problem to me, the shotgun also very unpredictable. There are so many empty servers. and sometime the only playable servers are locked... then you wait or quit the game. some team play tips? squad play Tips? Any Suggetions? Footsteps from enemy and allies sound the same? only been able to spawn on the squad leader. would be nice to spawn on all sqaud member specially when near objective, instead of spawning at base... (only when there al taken) Character Skins colors? or different Character presets? Very enjoyable game!! keep it up! Where is the AK-47 ?????? Desert Eagle And Magnum ??? Thanks!!
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