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  1. Ahh very good point. Especially if gameplay things change it would suck to redo all that
  2. Very true. Something simple that would go over strikes, basic weapon handling, the fancy crouch runs, and most importantly how to type angry trolling in chat
  3. You could also hide in buildings that have multiple stories or just go prone to avoid most of the damage, it wouldn't be full blast either, just enough that if people are sprinting around in the middle of a strike they regret it
  4. I would love to see some of the damage from artillery and airstrikes go through buildings, even if the environment isn't destructible like battlefield and such, I think it would help gameplay a lot if the damage from these incredibly powerful attacks wasn't negated by standing inside a flimsy grocery store. Similar to Insurgency Sandstorm the damage taken could be reduced significant by going low to the floor and moving away from doors and windows. Have kind of an AOE to the damage that would go through ceilings that way air striking a building isn't a complete waste if the enemy is indoors.
  5. I'm so confused on what even this post is.
  6. I agree with that, You need to plan out when you heal.
  7. OMG yes! It could be just like the strike from Sandstorm. Quick and short but incredibly effective. It would be faster than the bombing runs too which means it could have both Offensive and Defensive Capabilities.
  8. Not a bad idea, could be like Post Scriptum style, make the vehicle hella beefy but target-able and give the players the option to choose how long they wait to jump, would fit in the immersion too better than "Boom you have somehow made it to this little area that is surrounded by the other team camping"
  9. I agree with that, it would also help in clearing out buildings, as really none of our current strikes come close to that ?
  10. A better melee system. I know that the insta kill knife thing has been used for ages now but it works very well, WW3 closely resembles BF4 (a game that was peak success for the battlefield community some would say) and I believe it would benefit from a melee overhaul. Nothing crazy like swords or bats, (or sadly even spoons) because the realism of the game is also very important, however adding a melee weapon that could be customized (simple things like style or color) would allow for a better experience in the game. There is something satisfactory about the feeling one gets when they expertly flank an enemy and get close enough to the guy to stab him with something pointy. Extra satisfying if there is an animation with it. Look at the animations from games like TLOU, basically all battlefield games, gears of war, or Dishonored. All very different games but they all gave a sort of personal feeling to you the player when you pulled one of these off. (I'll link some of em below). In the end something simple but timeless would be great, and also allow it to be interrupted by those outside of the 2 "conflicting parties". it would help with team cohesion as well. Thanks, Chef
  11. Whenever I attempt to use foliage as cover while sniping my optics (no matter what zoom or style) go absolutely berserk. Glitching and flashing like crazy, invisible and not in a matter of seconds.
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