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  1. I know ladies and gentlemen from f 51 that not many people play ww3 now, but almost all servers have died, can you do something about it?
  2. If you are still playing WW3 EA and the servers are empty, join my group, together we will agree on the day and hours of the game and have fun before the final version is released World War 3 we still play EA | Facebook
  3. Do any of you know if the system requirements will be increased for the final version of the game in 2021 ???
  4. Rozmo mam prośbę , bo myślałem, że to coś z moim profilem się stało i dla tego tak długo ładowało grę a się okazało że jednak to naprawiliście i moja prośba to żeby anulować wniosek jai wysłałem o reset profilu. mój stem id https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198278096889
  5. It has returned to normal, and even now it loads faster than before, thanks to the Rozmo
  6. It has returned to normal, and even now it loads faster than before, thanks to the Rozmo
  7. I have always had 13000. year the game worked normally but for 3 days I have a problem with eternal loading
  8. I have exactly the same problem loading all the time. I have 8 GB ramj but 3 days ago everything worked normally. help
  9. I have exactly the same problem :( Anyone know something?
  10. unfortunately not because these system files cannot be replaced. But after deleting the dbghelp.dll file from the game files the game works again on windows 7
  11. Rozmo, remove from ?? . I cant delete this file in Windows 7 folders
  12. Hello, The game worked normally all the time and after yesterday's update I have something, someone knows what this problem is?
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