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  1. My pc: 8 gm ram, graphics card 2gb geforce 660 gtx, 30gb pagefile. When I load the map if is empty it is ok, but when there are more than 10 players on it returns to the menu, I can play when I load it on a second time. But yesterday it happened the same in Squad. Some maps load the second time. Maybe I have an old PC? But it meets the minimum requirements.
  2. makrumsa1987


    Hello, someone can explain to me why every time I go to the server and if people are on it, then at the end of the map loading it crashes into the menu and I have to enter the second time (then connects). And so every time. Or something like this and I can't get on the map, it also works the second time
  3. Witam, ktoś mi może wyjaśnić dla czego za każdym razem gdy wchodzę na serwer i jeśli gerają na nim ludzie to mnie na koniec ładowania mapy wywala do menu i muszę wchodzić drugi raz (wtedy łączy). I tak za każdym razem . Lub robi się coś takiego i nie mogę wejśc na mapę, rózniwż działa za drugim razem
  4. makrumsa1987


    My question is, are you going in future to make more slots than 30 in Warzone mode?
  5. Time to buy new GPU )
  6. yes I know, I'm going to change the graphics card in a month, but I wanted to know if I can play on the current one with better texture effect by then
  7. so if I have a 2gb graphics card, then by the time I don't change to better I can forget about nice textures ??? Thank you for the reply, best regards
  8. makrumsa1987


    Does this game in this phase of development have only a low and ultra texture to choose from? . Medium does not exist and is the same as low? on TD maps they load normally but on Wz they look like low and are set to medium
  9. SERVER eu age 33 gander male langue english polish from bydgoszcz playstyle rifle microphon yes what yu expect fun offen couple hours a day game mode warzone faworite map smolensk steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198278096889/ contact Add me on Steam.
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