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  1. Found another similiar problems.... Same as with LMB a ADS(RMB) is sometimes not working too when you press it while reloading When you throw medpack and press F to use it before it touches ground it doesnt work...you have to release and press again...
  2. Hello guys, im not sure if it is a bug, but it just bring me to wierd situations when 1 on 1 When you are reloading your weapon and you press LMB (default fire button) while in proces of reloading your weapon will not start firing after reload. You have to release LMB and press it again. If its feature,then sorry for spam. best regards qb
  3. That make sense btw i came from bf5
  4. Hello first off all i love this game....good job so far. I just want to ask if you are thinking about possibility to reload and switch weapon while runnig, also throw medpack or grenades too? thanks for response qb
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