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  1. This is my first post and I'd like to start by saying I'm a hardcore Battlefield 4 fan and you guys have done a great job with the game. Although obviously not flawless, this beta has a LOT of potential. I'm sure you're getting plenty of feedback and bug reports, but I would like to suggest a minor detail that I think would hugely impact the immersion of the game. I run the game on medium settings for framerate's sake, but it still looks beautiful. I can run it on ultra and have marveled a few time (I even see reflections that rival RTX in Battlefield 5) but my GPU needs an upgrade. However even on ultra, as far as I could tell, there was something lacking. I'm no coder or graphic designer, and I'm not sure of the extent of URE4's capabilities, but I think particle/smoke could be and should be affected by shadows. For example, in Frostbite (BF4) bullet impact clouds cast shadows on surfaces, as do smoke plumes. Although the bullet impact effects in WW3 are cool, i can't help but notice that the blood clouds are always pink. I can shoot someone in a dark room and it looks like a neon watermelon exploded. I think blood effects indoors and in shade could be a bit more red and convincing (not that I've ever seen anyone get shot up close...) Same with impact dust plumes and smoke grenades. The lighting in the game is so photo-realistic that I think the effects should do it justice. I have plenty of other bugs I could point out but I'm sure you're probably already aware. Anyways that's my 2cents. Just thought this was something I'd like to see in the final release. Keep up the good work! -Dave
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