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  1. This game is all about being true to realism, correct. Get rid of the kill cam and any direction pointing information about positioning and location. All players will benefit from this.
  2. xReaperx

    More Realistic

    Just a few suggestions 1. Get rid of enemy bullet hit marker that red directional indicator when you get hit. 2. No regeneration of health. Either get from medic or supply drops/location 3. Assault rifles way to long range for kills there more like automatic sniper rifles 4. Abrams way to slow 5. Stingers 6. claymores need more range on antenna's and shouldn't be bright red. 7. bipods need to work in prone or when rested on walls in standing position 8. Tanks should be able to plow through small to medium trees 9. Silencers should be a little more silent 10 . Higher access in buildings, rooftops, patio's for more dimension playing. It feels like you only got forward and backwards and side to side. Very little height to the game. You could make so the helo drone could carry one or two infantry as an option and deploy soldier any where. 11. For infantry AP rounds should be instant kill, it is armor piercing after all. I know people complain about OHK or one shot body shot but that makes it more realistic. 12. Demolition of buildings when hit by any kind of explosive rounds. ( I know this is big and requires a lot of physics behind it but maybe just a few spots.) 13. For a gadget how bout a motion sensor grenade that locates enemy troops within a radius for a certain amount of time.
  3. Add stingers to the game, aa mines, soflam or pld for guided rockets, add this to tanks and light vehicles as an added deterrent and make it so it fires fast so heli can't out maneuver it behind buildings.
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