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  1. Just sad how people sell things that are not working and still making them self proud as "look what we do to make it better ect." Moron i do not need to set time to play, when you think is good, even 20 years old fps games have more players then this game. And one more thing you stupid ****, dont call me a rasist idiot, its maybe time you take some pill and take your home shit somewhere else and not on ******* forum. Game is great but its ******* bug full you ****, its interesting but idiots like you just dont get it, we pay we "wonna" play, or dont sell it before is good. So have a nice day you ******* peace of **** p.s im just at your level now so close my account if you will i dont give a shit
  2. I demand my money refund, this game not only full of bugs, also full of cheaters. No wonder its not selling and servers are more or less empty. Every single day crash- send report- bla bla Not single game i buy until today has so much bugs, how or better who geves you the right to sell this peace of crap??? I wont my money beck, but as is known you are polish its no wonder this will never happend. BETTER FIX GAME BEFORE YOU SELL IT MORONS. THX for nothing and goodby
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