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  1. About the current version I must say that the driverless vehicle is too invincible. Because it can be used in the base security zone, but it is really invincible. why? Because of the current version, there are too few ways to counter the unmanned vehicle. Normally, I can understand the reason why this game will be unmanned. I think it should be to minimize the casualties of the personnel. The idea is good, but you have not considered that the current version of the counter-measure is too small. Rpg, c4, the personnel driving the vehicle is armed, then?? No, no other means of counter-measure The biggest drawback of the unmanned vehicle is that the enemy can kill our players without taking the risk of losing their lives, but our players who want to destroy the enemy's unmanned vehicles often have to bear great risks. Know me. Want to express it? I think that no one can make it "effectively reduce" the risk of loss of life, but it can't become "absolutely not to die". I think the advantage of unmanned vehicles is that they can carry out various tasks with low risk. But I think you have to consider the feelings of the other party. If I am an enemy who is constantly being killed by unmanned vehicles, I can't use an effective counter-measure. It is really a "fecal game". I think that users of unmanned vehicles can do control at the rear of the battlefield, instead of doing control in the safe area. If necessary, tactical transfer will be carried out, but the enemy can break through the line of defense to kill the user. Will be destroyed directly, this is a more logical and gamematic modification
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