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  1. oh sorry i found the alternate method, juz double click the world war 3 icon instead of right clicking it
  2. Hi i just updated steam and now it doesnt allow me to sellect server region, is there any way around this?
  3. Thanks Ragir, it would really help alot, because this problem affects alot of players in game.
  4. by the way this issue affects the entire server and causes multiple player drop outs, so please this is an issue that needs to be resolved, or atleast stop usage of those mentioned vehicles because not all players know which vehicle to avoid using.
  5. The game crashes when certain vehicles explode, i know for a fact that the anders is one of the few vehicles that will cause crashes when exploded. This problem has been in place for a while and is a big one since other bugs are just an annoyance but causing the game to crash is a serious problem that requires developers immediate attention as this issue really destroys gameplay. I know that you developers are doing all you can and are sick and tired of endless complaints, but please fix this one as it is a very major issue. PS i really enjoy WW3 and will continue to support it despite the pesky bugs, but this crashing thing really needs to stop and needs to stop fast!
  6. The M417 is unable to load AP rounds. This problem has been going on for awhile. May i know when are you guys planning to fix it?
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