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  1. ok thanks i'm just little hyped for the o.8 !!
  2. the last night i've played on warsaw with 14 people (so fun!) but with APC's and TANKS i've shooted several times at the enemy tank but unofrtunately it hasn't registred the hit correctly. When i've spawned my T-72 ON 5 SHOTS 3 MISSED ( they pass trhough the tank and expolded on the ground ). Same with wheeled veichle i receive the hit but they doens't receive mine.
  3. It will be a nice feature (like other FPS out there) the possibility to displace the tripod over small wall and spots while standing crouched maybe pressing and assgning a key to deploy the tripod down from the gun and so more stability to fire.
  4. that's not too much realism that i'm asking for, the question is that the shockwave of th blast is obviously too slow, and maybe making it very fast so to appreciate it much better from the players for the rest it's just fine tuning the animation velocity ovreall
  5. Another suggestion for the customization system is the follow, When you are finished with purchasing all the items or attachments for your equipment, the simply disappear and you must re attach every single component, is so frustrating, when purchasing leaving alle the attachments on the gun/veichle is so much better i think so you ready to enter directly in combat with the related items purchased and mounted.
  6. With pretty much every veichle on every map at the moment when you switch on IR mode or thermal you see details and contrast but after 3 seconds it goes completely blow with IR the screen appears total black making in evidence the enemies but not the environment around. Same problem with the thermal view. Just try to verify that.
  7. Every tank in WW3 shot now with a blast that distort air when the cannon fire, the problem is that the muzzle flash and the blast wave are very slow, in reality that will be very very quiick but also a little bit percettible at the human eye an then making a big flash from the cannon, it's a 120mm l44 at least for the leopard, it makes it more aggresive and cool but the blast wave it's delayed and too slow
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