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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video) : Effectively, the bug in question ties in with every single remote-controlled BP Streak in the game; e.g, you go prone and pilot a drone. After it's destroyed, you're then standing back up; although, there have been areas whereby you're standing up even during the piloting. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom) : 3981881 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required) : Simply using any remote-controlled killstreak will lead to the replication of this bug; from calling in a battle drone to a hellfire to the Helicopter Drone. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues) : N/A - given it's a game bug and not one severe to where it causes performance issues / game crashing. CRASH LOG (if any) : N/A
  2. I'm not saying no to just having a gun and a pistol; I'm saying no to having 2 primary weapons AND a pistol; the one-man army statement caters towards the 2 primary weapons IF this feature was implemented into the game.
  3. Nope. I'm saying no because it'd make players a one-man army rather than having to rely on other teammates to function like one cohesive unit; it'd promote far too much 'lone wolf' gameplay rather than the teamwork-orientated gameplay flow that the game not only provides for you, but also expects you to follow too.
  4. Obviously it's going to be the heaviest Anti-Material Rifle you could possibly get your hands on, but I personally think that with using an AMR (Anti-Material Rifle), you sacrifice CQC and medium range combat engagement potential. I'd say the only way to possibly use the M99 AMR properly is by using the bipod and going prone, whilst using a high mag scope to boot. Truth be told, it would feel a bit refreshing that a weapon forces you into performing a particular playstyle, but you KNOW you're gonna be playing up the range. If people disagree, then they can have a canted red dot on the side to assist with shorter range engagements (still long range, but not as extreme so to say!)
  5. So, with the TOR having been absent from the game for months on end, I'd like to recommend an alternative replacement and simultaneous fix to the rifle in turn; introducing the M99 Anti-Material rifle from those high-powered nuts at Barrett! - One-shot reload; You only get one shot before you reload and only get 5 bullets to have used, which makes ammo packs a far more viable option for snipers. - One shot potential; Given it's a .50 BMG round, the M99 can easily penetrate the highest level helmets and body-armour in turn. This high damaging potential is countered by the little ammunition it was, which necessities precision from snipers and a quick target re-acquisition, considering you'd have to descope to reload. - Long-range dominance; For the M99, I believe it excels immensely in long-range combat and only excels in that area. Using it in mid-range / CQC areas would mean it's inaccurate as shit, which in turn, means it can't use mid-range optics / red-dot sights. It's exclusively high-mag scope only. - Anti-Vehicle Potential; Given the round used, I'd say that the M99 can also do some minor-moderate damage against IFVs and tanks; but does major damage against vehicle modules, being able to take them out in 2 shots or more. Other suggestions / stat-changes can be made on this thread if you wish; but I personally feel this solves a few issues with the TOR previously whilst introducing a fresh introduction into the anti-material rifle category! Maybe the first of many? Who knows!
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