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  1. "Improved" Time to kill - become CoD style game, on such large maps its shitty idea when you spend 1.5 min on walking, covering etc to finally die from some random dude who just saw you 1st. bigger map - more walking - more annoying
  2. Hello, i would like to know who's idea was to change TTK to so insane amount, 3 bullets - dead, im not a veteran of the game, i have ~100h, i really enjoyed playing tho until 0.8 came in. Right now, i can't play this and i don't want to whine, about the game itself, because i think you guys are doing fine job with new content, but this "balance" of weapons, just made me stop playing. I never liked the game like CoD or Cs where is also quite brutal TTK, right now if there is shooting in a building, the winner is dude who will spot enemy 1st. small chance or dead luck to defend against enemy who already started aiming at you, and that, generate another annoying thing - players who sits in the corner of capturing sector or nearby waiting until someone enter the room, last match i played was on Smoleńsk, capturing C1 - wtf after 4-5 attempt of entering on the 1st floor i said "fuck it" before patch it was more about flash bangs, smoke nades, some tactical way to break in, now its just like "there is a dude so i don't going in" ye, its more realistic i know, but is there an option to create a hardcore servers with that heavy TTK of and the soft ones more arcade style like before 0.8 balance?
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