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  1. Oh, alright. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. What happened to the MSBS 762, KAC LMG, MP7? That was announced in Weekly Report #28? Where they added in the 0.7 patch and I missed them?
  3. Hello, thanks for getting back to me. With the player models, it happens between A1 and B1/B2, in the corridor connecting the building at A1 to the shoping mall. I have not been able to get a screenshot because I die before I can take one.
  4. Hello, I have found a bug in the game. Which makes it so I can barley see anything, where before the patch I could. (Sorry for misspelling, I am bad at English) I went into the garage on Warsaw, Warzone on EU servers. I could not see anything since it was all dark, even though I did not change my settings. Another issue I found was with player modals. They were all black in lit up places. (I did not get a screenshot) Game Build ID: 4275060
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