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  1. Ok WW3 so I have over 1700 discord members in our FPS community and WW3 was our topic in last nights Admin Meeting and trying to figure out if we are going to expand to this game. I have convinced several members and are jumping in a server right now but after the match is over it kicks us all out of the server and from there we have to join another server. This issue is extremely annoying and it also kicked out all the random guys. What is going on with this? Its kind of hard to keep servers populated if it kicks everyone out and everyone has to rejoin.
  2. So I took a long break and came back today but haven't seen much of a difference. It's been months since I've been gone and wanted to know what's the hold up on the long awaited movement patch? Any idea when it will launch?
  3. Will there be any information on when the Movement patch will come out on PTE besides soon?
  4. If you die, it will put you in the redeploy section of the game and when you are ready to deploy you have to click on the Big Yellow button on the bottom right vs just double clicking with your mouse on where you want to spawn. The way it is right now, you have to select where you want to spawn then click the deploy button. Its just easier to double click the area where you want to spawn. I just played again and here are a few more issues: 5. Hip Fire is almost as accurate as aiming down-sights 6. On most of the Capture Flags, its a very small area where the soldier has to be in order to get the capture point. By making it such a narrow area, the enemy always knows where your going to be which leaves you and your team vulnerable and unable to strategically position yourself. For example, Capture Point A1 on Moscow only allows you to capture the point on the bottom floor and the other players already know this. Why cant we have the option to capture the point upstairs where we have the higher ground which gives the team a better advantage due to having the higher ground. 7. Cant change weapons while running. Soldiers should be able to switch weapons while running. I don't see why that cant be implemented. Maybe it can....
  5. So I'll admit my community and I took a long break from WW3 due to performance issues with the game. I updated the game this morning and noticed a few new things that still need to be fixed. 1. After ending a match with over 20 players we all get kicked after the game had just ended therefore everyone had to rejoin. This is an issue that I've brought up in the past that hasn't been fixed. 2. Interaction with supplies and Med crates leaves your soldier vulnerable by having to look downward. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it shouldn't be difficult to do. 3. Soldier Movement was the same and I understand a new update will be coming but when? 4. Having to click the redeploy button when you die vs just double Clicking where you want to spawn. This is just for convenience.
  6. Are there any updates on when the soldier mechanics and movement will be improved?
  7. Any thoughts on having a one time Revive Feature only if killed by gun fire. For example Nades, Airstrikes, Rockets, or any explosive would not allow for a team revive. If you are revived and get killed again you can't get revived until you redeploy. This would only apply to Squad members so no one outside of squad can pick you up. I think reviving promotes more teamwork. Thoughts?
  8. That you very much for all the responses, it looks like you guys listen to your community and I will definitely relay this information to my community. On the response to # 8, do we have to be active on the WW3 discord or do you mean our discord? On our discord I added a WW3 channel for our clan so this is normally where we meet up. My community is highly interested in the game and were very active on the 1st day WW3 launched but do to a lot of the issues the game had in the beginning they moved on to other games. As the founder of REDHOURINFANTRY since 2006 I have many members in my community and discord that I can try to bring back to WW3 to get the NA servers going. We actually posted in our discord yesterday to all of our members that we will be having a WW3 game night on October 19, 2019 at 7pm Central Time and I will also be doing a WW3 giveaway to one of my active RHI members. Hopefully I have a good turn out. The emblem that I wanted you all to put was the emblem that I currently have as my avatar which is a RED Hour Glass which represents my community. @Ragir Please let me know and thank you in advance.
  9. What about # 4? When you die and it brings you to the deployment screen is there a way to show on the deployment map who is running around so that I can spawn on the correct person? Is this something that you all are interested in doing? On # 7 we are still having the issue of when the match is over and it is searching for a new server we get stuck in a Map Loading Screen. Are you all aware of this problem and will it be resolved? Thank you
  10. First off I want to say thank you for not abandoning this game because of the rough start. I am a major Battlefield fan and really want this game to succeed. I have a very large Gaming community that I am trying to cross over but they have some concerns with the game and so do I. 1. [Soldier Mechanics] when he runs, jumps over objects etc.. The soldier feels very clunky which I hope you guys can improve in the next patch. When the Soldier runs, there are times when you can not hear yourself running nor can you hear the enemy trying to sneak up on you. This needs to be improved. 2. [Customization] When not having enough points in your wallet when trying to customize your weapon it just tells you that you don't have enough points. Even if we don't have enough points we would like to at least see how it would look even if you don't have the points. If you can allow the option to look but not buy then this would be great. 3. [Soldier Mechanics] Soldier leaning feature needs to be improved just a little. 4. [Feature] After dying and looking at who you want to spawn on, if you can add the name of the player so we know who we are spawning on when looking at the map. 5. [Feature] Having the ability to change your weapon while sprinting 6. [Feature] When a server is full have the ability to Que others that want to join the same server. 7. [Bug] After a match is over it gives the option to continue to the next match but when you press the continue button it just keeps you in the loading screen. If you don't press the continue button it loads you in the map with no problem. There may be a bug here. 8. [Feature] WW3 approved Emblems that we can use to put for our clan. For example we would like to upload an emblem that represents our clan but it has to be approved by WW3 before being placed on. Can this be added. 9. [Feature] When interacting with the Med Pack or Supply pack you can not look around to see if anyone is coming after you. When interacting you have to look down at the pack which puts the soldier at a disadvantage. Can this be improved. Thank you in advance.
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