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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on the forum. I wanted to share this suggestion from the moment I saw this gun. Anyway, without further ado let's get to it. [INTRODUCTION] HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is an updated, semi automatic modern version of the famous BAR chambered in .30-06. [GAMEPLAY STYLE] The gun would benefit in both precision and high damage. It would be a good choice for medium to long range encounters but it wouldn’t find itself usefull for CQB situations. It also wouldn't have much recoil and spread. When it comes to downsides I think that it should have a slow firerate and reload time and of course quite a bit of weight. [CUSTOMIZATION] The gun has lots of rails as you can see so it fits WW3 style perfectly MAGAZINES: -10, 15, 20, 30rd. HCAR box mags SIGHTS: -all primary and secondary sights optional LOWER: -only vertical grips and bipod available due to the fact that the underbarrel rail is so short BARRELS: -short 12’ -medium 16’ -long 20’ MUZZLE: -all muzzles optional SIDE: -all side mounts optional [BODYPARTS] It looks like the only changeable part of the gun is the stock but if you’re stubborn you could change the grip too and I think model designers could make some custom parts for the gun like they did with the g36. [CHARACHTERISTICS] WEIGHT: ~18-22 RECOIL: Similar to M417, mostly horizontal RATE OF FIRE: ~ 350-400rpm (keep in mind that it’s semi-auto only) SPREAD: 0,13 BULLETS TO KILL: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 3 / CER: 4 / STL: 4 DAMAGE: 90m - 45 damage, after 90m drops to 34 damage minimum giving it a 3 shot kill potential CALIBER: .30-06 MUZZLE VELOCITY: 820m/s RELOAD TIME: -10rnd. ~ 1,5s - 2,4s -15rnd. ~ 2,5s - 3,0s -20rnd. ~ 3,1s- 4,5s -30rnd. ~ 5,0s - 6,0s Thanks for reading and don't forget to upvote!
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