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  1. As of now, there are only a long and a medium barel for the M4, allowing you to make some kind of M16 with the 20" barrel or an M4 Carbine with the 14.5". What I'd love to have is a short 10.3"/260mm barrel in order to recreate the Mk18 Mod 1. The M4 MWS already has a the little dropdown-thingy for the short barrel option, so I guess I might have been forgotten to add by the devs? The G38 Freefloat Handguard already looks pretty similar to the Daniel Defense Mk18 9" RIS, and together with the Magpul style pistolgrip and PMag, the PEQ-15 Laser and an EO-Tech Holo or that Elcan Specter like 4x it gets really close to the Mk18, the only thing missing is the 10" barrel. Something like this, I'll add an image of the closest I can get to this rifle when I'm at home again.
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