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  1. Hey there, i still didn't got assistance in the other topic, so i start a new topic, since now i can't even play in the NA or in other server. I still get the fucking authentication infinite screen, please, I PAYED for this game, can you give me serious assistance and solve the problem ? I don't care if the game is usually crashing, but i can't accept that the game doesn't let me in, considering that is a full multipayer game, that means that for me there ois no why to use the game i bought. Please help
  2. ok i tried and i wasn t able to connect with EU servers while it worked using NA servers. Now the point is that i get an high ping on NA while i'm usually good with pings on EU. So, it is now more clear to you in order to solve the issue ? thanks
  3. thank you it now works, but that same problem happened many times before. I hope that now is fixed for the future. Thank you and congrats for this game.
  4. Hi there, i'm furde from Italy i play on EU, very often it happens that i got stuck on authentication screen, while some days i can play without issues. Why this ? Can you solve that issue, i see that many people have this occasional problem. My account detail https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992747863 Thank you, please fix this to make the game better
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