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  1. LOL just LOL this Forum is my new favorit WW³ CONSPIRACY THEORY Forum As i said and will say again and again... THE GAME IS LEFT FOR DEAD AND THE DEVELOPER GIVE A DAMN **** ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO SPEND MONEY OR THE COMMUNITY. The other ******** thing is bring a PC Tactical Shooter wannabe A³ Game with ULTRA BAD PERFORMANCE to X-Box and PS4 or what ever console yeah it will be great like Operation Sandcamper So what kind of Game they wanna built? Everybodys darling? With the actual performance the game will not perform well on a Playstation or X-Box hardware... and nobody tested it as PTE is closed and new updates are not availabel. Fantastic i cant wait to read the next WW³ HOAX
  2. You will get a VETERAN sticker and a Veteran Weapon Skin...
  3. Enigma

    Patch 1.0?

    Hey Developer´S? Can You or maybe someone who is in charge just tell us when someone will do some work on this game called World War 3 from Farm51. They made this great Shooter World War 3 you know a game that was realy good at the beginning. I would say THE NEW BETTER Battlefield!!!!! But then it seems they made some wrong decisions and just lost the mood to work on it ...? So it would proof greatness and fairness of Farm51 Team to make YOUR point of view Clear...would be nice to hear real news NO copy/paste news. I just take a look at the pages of Ragir or other F51 Admins...last visit May?? I dont expect an answere seems realy project is left 4 dead
  4. LOL F2P cool for Cheaters no need to buy keys any more for a free to play testrange Will they change Anti Cheat then to spare money as they did on Warfart?? I saw WF use his own crap Anti Cheat MRAC (Mail.Ru Anti Cheat) Cheater gets banned!! Change IP use HWID Spoofer start Windows in Kernel mode and own again *GG* You just take a look at the reviews of WarFart on Steam the Topseller game form My.Games...OMG People hate it contaminated by Cheaters and PURE PAY TO WIN... and i take all bets WW³ will be on this raod as well then. Also the player base is getting smaller and smaller less than 2000 players... So if they realy care about there game they would not take My.G.... as a Partner who is know by players for his P2Win games. After i sold a part of my company i also was forced by contract to say nothing about who bought it and what they want to do with it. After i sold it they do not produce any more in Germany they do know produce in Shenzen China if customer would know the quality OMG. I guess thats why nobody of Devs saying anything... you will get better answeres from a parking meter
  5. Ohh Yeah i loved the extraction gamemode it was called VIP i think. My Clan at this time called it Extraction played on the Hospitalmap. Damn Hospital was one of my Favorit maps. LOL can not find old videos from gameplay I only found this KEEP IN MIND HOW DAMN OLD THIS GAME IS!!!! It still looks good to me for that age. I bet i still can pixel Shoot on Bridge crossing or Pipeline Vent shotXD. I remember that game was the first where i used 5.1 audio it was like wallhack u can hear enemies so damn good not like in 2020 Insurgency Sandstorm where you can not tell if enemie is above or below you. Or sometimes enemies makes no footsteps because fucking ambience audio is killing important sounds pfffffffff. To me WW3 was more between BF4 and ARMA...i first played it and loved it!!! I was tired of Bf4 and the always same Maps,tactics,waypoints,weapons,players and fag.. Admins like WBKS kiddies ban for raping them . Don´t get me wrong when people cry CHEATER,HACKER i have the most Fun Most of the time i only play Infantrie harcore maps but i am banned on the most servers now for stupid reasons. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/LesterGrossman/stats/1003837927259/pc/ So Ww3 was exactly what i was looking for... but sadly.........
  6. Was just watching this and thought maybe some find this interessting as me. As i am always saying playing in Kernel Mode is suspisious to me should result in HW Ban +MAC adress MobilePhone Ban!!! As i can tell you Cheat Seller have real problems with BE as some of them allready removed the Cheats from there side for selling.
  7. Yeah i wish i could pull out a laser sword when the main weapon is empty (WOoouuAAMM) heads off back to topic: So i recomment if F51 listen to community ideas they should listen to PLAYERS who LIVE INSIDE THERE GAME like tynblpb or kk800piepen with 3000+ hours ingame. Or at least they should listen to players who have a minimum of maybe 100h ingame. To sort out people who played 3h and just ask for troll contend like a Call of Duty map with a Aircraft carrier or vehicle or weapons or new Theaters Instead they could ask for things that makes sence please fix Strikes,performance,movement,vehicle,weapons,glitches...and more New gamemodes lol on a non working enginebase I could tell you from the start that breakthrough will fail it is boring. Take a Tank or vehicle with c4 go to the Box shot it Win!!! *GG* ... when i think back in time and remember my absolute favorit tactical shooter Americas Army 6800h+ (F2P btw). There where gamemodes that never came back in any game and where AMAZING...like extraction for example. Save a Hostage who is also a player not stupid Bot but without any weapon. 1. find Hostage both Teams don´t know where he is 2. get him a weapon 3. bring him outside the big Hospital) Even when you where killed it was exciting to watch or Sabotage( 3 valves Sabotage) Both gamemodes are absolute ANTICAMPER gamemodes . So sad the hole thing about WW3. I was getting addicted to it (1400h) because of the difficult weapon handling,weight system and many more... I bet that even when make the game F2p the situation will stay the same "LOW PLAYER BASE"!! Because the game it self is more for Sim style players ARMA ,SQUAD,PR not for Call of Camper players that need a mouse and 5 Keys on Keyboard otherwise they are overwhelmed by to many buttons . @ LT_Icey how many hours you played WW3?To me it seems you never played it I just see you ask for Nukes then a post about WW3 Simulator mode?? and now a Carrier Map...
  8. MAXIMUM FAIL... F2P this will get as low as Warface then a free to play Aimbot test range game... Oh you get banned load just new account and continue cos free to play... Oh you get HW banned No problem hardware spoofer or Hw ID Changer come with the Aimbot software. So to me a Small player base means less cheater but free to play The player base needs to be so low that big coder do not have any interest in making Cheats for the game like Helios from AA or Tomas from TM POINT Or the Anti Cheat has to be good like Battleeye... not perfect but the best so far i know
  9. LOL you want retarded map design here are a few ideas for Maps that will not work with WW3 Shipment CoD with 64 players Wet Work CoD with 64 players Crash CoD HiJacked CoD Metro Bf3+4 Locker Bf4 El Alamein Bf1942, Strike at Karkand Bf2 Omaha Beach Bf 1942 oh or maybe fight on the Death Star Oh and btw. i remember there was a gamemode in Bf3 or bf4 with a Aircraft Carrier you can play on and fight on and guess what? NOBODY LIKE THE BULLSHIT OR EVEN PLAYS IT!!! It is like the Community Gamemode Breakthrough 5 people ask for it F51 waiste resources and nobody plays it
  10. Only a CoD player could ask for SHIPMENT Map and add a pic of CoD WW2 Texas. Dont get me wrong on this i still like the game it self and still think it has potential. But i ask my self do people ask for new maps just to troll??? The old maps even dont work!! But yeeeah keep asking for stupid things for an abadoned game that seems to be left for dead by Devs. So to me it is realy sad as this was more fun to play than other bugged games like boring Insurgency SandTwitch! A game for people who like to camp idle in front of your computer and watch others play Devs only come back to give warnings As i allready posted my opinion by posting a simple picture and get this for 1 warning point No restrictions being applied 1 Inappropriate Language By Rozmo, May 2 GJ
  11. I played WW³ today cos realy don´t know what to play atm. Played a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm but to me thats boring as F*** after a few weeks!!! Its always the same Insurgency Sandstorm is like: People always play same map ,always same Camp positions ,always same tactic (NONE) and if you die you can go shoping or take a sh** because you now watch others play for 3-15 Minutes. Join a match and wait 7 Minutes till you can spawn. Then you get killed after playing 3 Minutes and wait 13 Minutes till Team finish the round than wait a few minutes till all loaded the map than another waiting dont know for what..... i hit Alt+F4. So 20 Minutes waiting to play 3 Minutes??? Damn thats retarded!!!! So i decide to play a bit with ReShade and make WW³ look better cos its more my kinda game. Spawn follow orders go to objective try to capture get killed and spawn again!!!! To me it is still Fun compared to full CAMPER games like Call of WarZone Campers or Insurgency Sandcamp .
  12. Dude we have to be patient builing a server will take some time
  13. Maybe you be toxic to a powerfull admin or you shoot him to much just kidding Dude i get banned ones for using stupid name and here u get warnings from Devs for posting your opinions and how you feel you been threated as a customer. Like Kindergarden I mean me have a hughe collection of screens from ppl behaviour and what they write to me and others on the Servers omg (language filter and autokick maybe??) Sorry but this is the wrong use of EASY ANTI CHEAT punish legit players and brand them as CHEATERS? Best sentence is "The developer of this game is using EAC to help fight cheater in their game" so you are a known Cheater now like me Dude
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