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  1. Yeah ...last match i to me with this Patch I need to stop playing this bullshit Patch cos it just makes me mad... Everything is okay till China players join the Server!!! I start playing on EU server with a Ping shown at top left 21... The game was good and it makes fun. But then China seems to wake up or wtf ever more and more Chinese join the server and Ping went up to 60. I start to get killed over and over again by the same guy ...because i can not hit him even when i aim for the head i get an instandkill from him. As with these China people and there retarded high ping 350-400 ..they laugh there ass off about EU players and servers. You can run behind cover but you are dead any ways!!! Why you ask?? Because the guy who is shooting at you is from China with ping of 450 ...WTF??? And my own Ping is 9-15 max Thanks for the disadvantage of a low Ping!!! P.S.: IMPORTANT QUESTION Is it allowed to use a bullshit DNS to get a lagging ultra high Ping as the Chinese have? like these ones , this one is the best Server in Suzhou makes u teleport across the server. You get a Ping greater that 580ms... I tested it in 1 match and it was amazing..they are not able to hit you any more with a ping greater than 460ms XD Sure sometimes you can not run through a door cos of the high ping. But u own like Laoge,EVA,占 点 小 能 手 冲 点 指 挥 官,Lau manaf ,罡刀 ,艺术就是派大星 ... So please do a region lock or a high Ping lock
  2. Yeah i have this a lot...i also have something i even do now know how to call it. I have to make a screen next time i see this... I would discribe it as people are hovering above the ground floating above the ground and they are quantum shiftet...looks realy strange
  4. Only 2 reply to this... You can add me ass well i play like Majestec ΞN|GMΔ︻デ═一
  5. Here is just how it looks when the start teleporting in front of you...or they just teleport aroud a corner I do not want to cut and make a new video but in Miunte 7:00 Teleporting and at 22:45 they teleport around the corner ..also other strange thing...like i hit the fire button and nothing happends XD
  6. I dont like the Server merge also the idea to get servers full with 350+ Ping player. In that case bot support would be better XD. I also would like to know how this Ping 150 thing works?? Is it like in good old Bf2 times where in the config the latency was fixed at a value about 100ms?? There was the same problem.Shoot at someone and can not kill them because I have a Ping of 9ms but the config makes 100ms of it. To play ESL or competitiv i had to change the config to my real Ping after that the hitreg was "AWESOME". But I have found a solution against the China high Pingers that you can not kill...!!!! Just leave the game and play Bf4,Squad,Insurgency,ARMA there you dont have to bother with Ping punishment XD See first Shoot first Kill first... For everyone who wants to see my connection speeds HERE: 146.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,009 | 0,010 | 0,014 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,011 | 0,031 | 0,236 | 0,040 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,015 | 0,018 | 0,030 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ XXXXXXXXXXXXX MYLOC-AS, DE...best performance servers!!! 80.xxx.xxx.xxx | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%| ----------------+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ + Cached Name | 0,008 | 0,010 | 0,017 | 0,001 | 100,0 | + Uncached Name | 0,015 | 0,045 | 0,228 | 0,052 | 100,0 | + DotCom Lookup | 0,016 | 0,019 | 0,034 | 0,003 | 100,0 | ---<-------->---+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ I do not use Google or other DNS ...to slow But this is ridiculous sometimes No Headshot No kill China player and another China player i was not able to kill with my high ping of 10ms XD Or like this I was shooting He was sprinting and he allready taking hits ... and he is taking more hits but at the end he just stops takes his weapon and instand kills me with Headshot...aaah Yeah Personal record is i shoot him 3times in the face with M417 and than i get instand killed by him with a oneshot ...did not hear the shoot just white light and dead It was like WTF??? looks like this ... I recorded the hole match because it was absolute redicilous how the performance sucks when China players with a ping around 400 join EU servers. As i count in this match was around 16 players from China and in total 30 players It feels as if i am playing with a crap latency... I think maybe this will end like in PUBG where the community try to force a region lock for China...cos of Cheats and Pingabuse... This Patch make me actual play WW³ waaaaaaaaaaaay less than before because it does not make Fun any more... sorry but thats the truth... I personal never get the idea to join an Asian Server with high Ping in ANY GAME EVER!!!!...exception if want to troll people I would like to prefer a Ping lock... ping above 150 NOT ABLE TO JOIN THE SERVER...That would be fair*point*
  7. Okay here is the result Video where i changed settings on the fly XD So OneFrameThreadLagEnabled=Disabled Is CPU-booster FinishCurrentFrameEnabled=Disabled Is GPU booster To lock the FPS seems to fix the stutter as you can see...but WHY? Is there a hook that blocks high frame rates?? My Monitor can handle 240HZ but seems like the engine is limited?? Hmmmm?? I would like to play without these 2 features ...cos to me without OneFrameThreadLagEnabled=Disabled FinishCurrentFrameEnabled=Disabled it feels more vivid and direct... even when i lose close to 100FPS Here is the Vidoe of short testing...
  8. Okay okay i go to work ill test it ... Äh i have another question? Why there are 2 Gameusersettings? WindowsNoEditor...WindowsClient! I deleted the older one in WindowsNoEditor because i thought maybe this is the cause of it and maybe it also fix the soundbug. Every time i start the game the Menu music is FULL ON XD.
  9. As the titel says since the last Patches where Farm 51 added GPU booster i get movement problems and more and more inputlag. Gamebuild 4651670 ╔═ My Rig ════════════════════════════════════╠ CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K @5 GHz | Cooling CORSAIR HydroH100i Pro╠ Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING Z390╠ Hard Drive: Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD 500GB + 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO╠ RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200 Ripjaws╠ GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 AMP!..next to be changed╠ Screen: Acer Predator XB272 1920x1080@240Hz╠ Headset: Beyerdynamic 300MMX╠ Keyboard: Tte Sport Challenger Edge╠ Mouse: Logitech G502 Protheus Core @400-450DPI╚══════════════════════════════════════════ This just makes me damn mad because of this i have teleporting enemies in front of me or enemies that just apear magical in front of me. This is how it looks before i changed the GameUserSettingsconfig.ini and this is after i changed the GameUserSettings I changed this OneFrameThreadLagEnabled=Disabled FinishCurrentFrameEnabled=Disabled GPU booster OFF ...now i hope the performance is as good as before Patch Hope i did not missed anything and this will help some guys... // How to find this file : \Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Saved\Config\WindowsClient\GameUserSettings - Rozmo
  10. I guess NOT...sad to say but The player base is more like a Call of Duty player base ...i mean the most player are Lone Wolf Full Camp playstyle. When i play i always get mad about my squad...its just useless to have it!!! They dont spawn on you to help because you are the Squadleader!! NOOO!!! They just use you as a running fighting Spawnbeacon. Like you try to cap A and they spawn on you run away and instandly die....."WTF?" What should be different in a new Recon mode??? just more camping till game timer is over?? Before adding another gamemode nobody plays maybe its better to get the game basics and performance perfect??? I would like to have a punish system for NOT follow Squadleader orders XD
  11. Today 9.02.2020 The game just feels like a testing platform for PC performance like a benchmark!! Or an open world GTA 6 Shooting testrange with no sence and goal... just everyone run around like a headless chicken. No Teamplay No Squadplay (until you build your own Squad with skilled friends but all my friends quit playing this) Today playing on Polyarny my frames went down from 190 > 40..50 FPS when i was capturing A1. The overall performance is now so bad that i just leave the servers now... (Also when Game is over the game connects you now to SA,NA,OC servers with a 350Ping!!! As i was playing it was like WFT is going on...??? Then Rozmo write im on Oceanian Server... *Press Alt+F4*) I thought maybe some bottleneck by GPU??? But after playing with Afterburner and checking everything i figured out my CPU is idle at 18% and GPU is at 50% RAM i got more than enough left 20GB The game runs the same way then 10 month ago on my old Computer AMD FX8350 This is movement 9month later
  12. Yeah if you call permanent camping Tactical ...You are absolute right this is a great Tactical Shooter. Dont get me wrong i want a tactical game and i liked WW³ for that. But what is tactical on playing as Squadleader Attacker and camp somewhere OFF the Map and fly around with the MiniDrone?? Even NOT marking enemies !!!Or camp as a Squadleader on Warsaw Map 25 Minutes on the ridge at C2 even he did not move 2m. In the Chinese Squad they play a bit different... All attack logical spots like: A1 2 guys A2 2 guys and one guy runs for B1 or what is going to be captured by enemies...thats tactical.*point* What makes me real salty is that you get now punished for a good ping or low latency with the region merge... I DO NOT KNOW ANY GAME WHERE SOMETHING IS USED LIKE THIS imagine Battlefield would do this... If you have a too high ping than dont play on this Server that simple...if you still want to play on it than you have to deal with the bad ping *point*... I dont go on asien servers at Bf4 cos of the ping why should i...
  13. Yep that are my salty moments when full team camp and i feel like im the only one who is trying to capture. Standart Scenario 4example@ Mosow Map My hole Team is defending the Mainbase with 1shot weapon (Snipercamper) Look at Scoreboard All 15 Teammates are ATT. Description ATT: means you move to the marked spots and capture them. Capture Not Camp for this you have to choose DEV. Description DEV: means you protect a marked spot against ATTs And back to Topic YES Asien players Own the servers because they know how to play and how Squads work. Greetings to [肆零壹]LAOGE and friends P.S.: I played 3 matches with Laoge and friends nobody of them CAMP!!! Laoge was Squadleader one order and ALL follow that is realy fun to play
  14. What the heck...lol how you figured that out dude?
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