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  1. Oh i thought this will be a Military Sim Game like ARMA or AA. Not another Bf or CoD?? WOW but Yeah the real targeting scope would be AWESOME...my father in law shot it because he was in National Peoples Army. Shooting it was different than expected as he told me how to
  2. ÄÄÄHM really more bullet drop?? and make it slower... (it feels like back in bf2 where ppl cry that you can throw C4 and Devs fixed it by disable throw C4) WTF ...RPG does this mean Role Playing Game or Rocket-propelled grenade?? To me it is absoloute perfect!!! That thing goes straight on the first 350m not in a hugh curve. or as you can see here they over shot the target
  3. here is my profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974537918/ but at least seems game is going to die ...No Teamplay or Squadplay. If you dare to ask your Squad/Team for help you get stupid answeres. Or get told to "Shut the Fuck up" Also there are these "Dont know how to" players like Reisender Zwei or Batterie1974. They do not realy help or try to play as Squad or Team. Because they think this is a Chatroom with Shootingrange features Here are some impressions...i could upload the videos as well
  4. Enigma

    Ps4/Xbox 1

  5. Just a question aren´t you the guy who was insulting on server?Also flaming that I get Banned for my Cheats? Because i guess the name was like k4to04 or something!?! Just a tip before calling everyone Cheater. You should have a proof maybe or even an idea how a Cheat looks like. Then think about that you maybe just suck at the game? To me Farm 51 should make a Video proof for fishy players like in Bf4 Bf4DB does. Maybe be can all learn something from those videos.
  6. 1 Please go on Shoting range in Bf4 and look at the recoil. Thats how 1999 recoil looks like The recoil in WW3 is realy okay at this point. I can just can tell you some of the weapons recoil to me are to less also the spread when you hold the trigger and go full auto. Like the Scar-H or Pecheneg...i shot the Scar-H and a lot of others in real and that thing kicks like hell.Or the G29 I have a good friend who is a real Sniper at German Army and he told me "NEVER YOU GONNA SHOT G29 WHILE STANDING or DO HIP FIRE IT" EDIT: LoL just saw it i and i just laugh my ass of when i see ppl compare this to Call of Campers...so retarded. JUST A TIP IF YOU COME FROM CALL OF DUTY... STAY AWAY
  7. Ich bemerke leider kaum oder keinen Fortschritt... Ich hoffe seid patch 0.5 auf ein vehicle fix...das ich nicht mehr teleporte oder unsichtbar werde. Ich hoffe auch das sie bald was gegen das nervige ping problem machen. Jedes mal das gleich Du bist längst hinter einer deckung(so ca.2m) und kassierst mal wieder einen oneshot.
  8. Would be nice to hear anything about progress... as it get more and more frustrated to play.
  9. Yeah i expierence that as well. It sometimes feels like you are leaving an audio area and enter a new one. Also footstep sometimes just disapear or you are not able to hear them.Tested it with Atway as i was trying to enhance audio. I use at them moment Immerse Audio it makes all sounds more vivid and crispy. https://embody.co/immerse/beyerdynamic Dont know how to discribe but its awesome.
  10. I have mine set to 192000Hz 32bit no problems. I had some at last patch when using Voip the game lags. Recommendet Headset Beyerdynamics MMX300 or equal all 5.1 and 7.1 Headset just suck...and i had a lot of them. Also had the Medusa,Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital Rev.1 +Rev.3,Logitech... There is no compare to the MMX300!!It is ultra light ultra good sound and vivid...to me there is no better headset. Maybe the Beyerdynamic T-5 Cole if i win in lottery I was using an open Logitech 5.1 z906 before but my wife and the neighbours complaine If you do not have the money to buy this i would go for the DT 770 Pro if you do not need a Mic or this one >>> https://www.beyerdynamic.de/custom-game-b-ware.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwguzzBRBiEiwAgU0FT10pTj21QtzIIBkWi7XruK9UAQvHzetMdpv6AkcxAdMlRxek4p1yXRoCpt0QAvD_BwE If you want 5.1 or 7.1 you can use Immerson that is better than all 5.x or 7.1 what ever looks like this
  11. Atway is 100% right... THE PLAYERS ARE THE GAMES BIGGEST ISSUE. I thought this is a Squadbased Tactical Shooter but... It feels like 90% of the people who play this are just...NO WORDS FOR THAT I could make a list within seconds with A.holes that always insulting and talking BS even when not asked. They dont help you they just act worser than A.i. would do. You ask for Squad to help! Squad tell you to shut the f... up Then i get asked Why u so mad...? EDIT: Another thing are the SERVER CRASHES!! Always the same you play have fun for 20Minutes then other players Freeze and the server crash. WHY THIS HAPPEN????? As to me it is time that the Devs maybe take place and say something to those who still try to play this!! WHAT IS GOING ON DEVELOPERS??? WE THE PLAYERS HAVE MORE CRASH MORE UNSTABLE PLAY MORE HIGH PINGERS THAT CAUSE SERVER CRASH???? im still asking my self why should i send crash reports? It seems useless
  12. Yeah your damn right!!! I tried a couple of times to LOCK FOR SQUAD ONLY to prevent ppl to use it to drive around like retards. But that also does not work. Also please fix the gun! I can not use it because most of the time it does NO DAMAGE to ANYTHING!! Also i still have the Teleport and be invisibel bug when somone else drives it and i leave it again!
  13. Same then me. My record was 8 FPS on Warsaw A2 flag as a missile impact into RCWS. You need Quantencomputer Dude Or as F51 woud maybe say "Better to play with Low FPS then don´t play"
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