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  1. I played WW³ today cos realy don´t know what to play atm. Played a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm but to me thats boring as F*** after a few weeks!!! Its always the same Insurgency Sandstorm is like: People always play same map ,always same Camp positions ,always same tactic (NONE) and if you die you can go shoping or take a sh** because you now watch others play for 3-15 Minutes. Join a match and wait 7 Minutes till you can spawn. Then you get killed after playing 3 Minutes and wait 13 Minutes till Team finish the round than wait a few minutes till all loaded the map than another waiting dont know for what..... i hit Alt+F4. So 20 Minutes waiting to play 3 Minutes??? Damn thats retarded!!!! So i decide to play a bit with ReShade and make WW³ look better cos its more my kinda game. Spawn follow orders go to objective try to capture get killed and spawn again!!!! To me it is still Fun compared to full CAMPER games like Call of WarZone Campers or Insurgency Sandcamp .
  2. Dude we have to be patient builing a server will take some time
  3. Maybe you be toxic to a powerfull admin or you shoot him to much just kidding Dude i get banned ones for using stupid name and here u get warnings from Devs for posting your opinions and how you feel you been threated as a customer. Like Kindergarden I mean me have a hughe collection of screens from ppl behaviour and what they write to me and others on the Servers omg (language filter and autokick maybe??) Sorry but this is the wrong use of EASY ANTI CHEAT punish legit players and brand them as CHEATERS? Best sentence is "The developer of this game is using EAC to help fight cheater in their game" so you are a known Cheater now like me Dude
  4. Microscrap? This made my Day....aaah fantastic can´t stop laughing i go play some Tarkov instead BTW. There where also rumors that the game will be released this Year
  5. Exactly!!! I got same Gaming RIG and same bad performance... worst to me is the ping abuse and hard lagging. I quit playing this abadoned frustrating game and switched to Insurgency Sandstorm and i was impressed how good the performance is. I mean same Unreal engine right but why so much better?? I never get a server with a Ping higher than 15ms normal is around 4-10ms No lag ,no stuttering,no high ping abuse...maybe F51 should have ask these Devs HowTo I mean this is rediculous what serious Company act like this??? Was reading all the comments of the remaining people here and players. So the only one who answeres here was WEEDTIME???? a Moderator sry but wth?? i mean this NOT offensiv Weedtime but ME expect a Boss talking to Player/community If this was MY.Company i would at least do anything to sooth the Players and Community Or at least do something to reconcile the people who still stick to my product and support it with bug reports over and over like tynblpb does. I mean just a small performance patch or if to lazy just patch back to 0.6 the performance and gameplay was okay there. I promise IF they would do at least something the community and players will do this But the longer they wait...the less people will take care of any kind of patch or even the release of the finished game from a company with Devs that do not care in any ways... I got my own company and know how it works mostly people only talk about the bad things,failure and shit you did but not the good things you did. That speech of your company stays in peoples mind and this will stick also to the company MY.FARME.51
  6. LOLO When i write again what i think about this situation ...I guess i will get another Warning for nothing from Super Admin Rozumo
  7. As the Title says I would like to hear some news ,and I guess a lot of others too, WE the players would like to hear anything from the Devs of Farm51 or maybe from MY.GAMES!!! Please no old copy/paste news... give players who still have confidence in your product and still play it some news for god sake...they deserve it! Just something like "Yes we are working on movement also performance and the engine...here is some teezer footage....!!! Something like that.
  8. LOL Warface is the worst if ever played years ago and it is still the biggest ...movement,animations,look,playstyle,aiming everything. I would never install it again!!! But back to your bug I had that bug 1 year ago. I had NO Fraction East/west and i had NO Stats like others have in the upper left corner of the screen. When i switch to west fraction it was set to nothing after restart the game. It looks like this found old screenshot To me i had to change my Steam name into some name with regular letters. after that i got Stats and the choosen fraction stays.
  9. It just seems most ppl here have no idea how a cheat looks or whats the dif between HACK and CHEAT what it does or what it is able to do. So smart Cheaters use remote Radars or Cheats installed to the mouse and buy cheats that supports Stream and are record proof ...so that they can make videos of how good they are XD LOL s1mple question: You meet a guy who play Counter Strike like a God and owns Servers...like s1mple,device,coldzera all are ESL Pros. Why if so good NOT join ESL and play League and get a lot of Money??????? Anwere: Because he uses AA Remote Radar and on events pll would see this or he has a mice with programabel ARM cortex processor but this goes to deep. So a Cheater is a retarded fagot that BUYS a Cheat from a Cheatseller and mostly has no clue how to set the Aimbot correctly like Aimspeed,Aimangle and other stuff... a Hacker is someone who is able to do all the stuff by him self coding programing then sell the mouse to an Indian Pro wanna be Forsaken who gets caught live https://youtu.be/-z-kmSF5Qxk Stop calling everyone a Cheater guys Its is just anyoing played 1 game yesterday after reinstall Win10 new.There was 1 guy stuttering and lagging while i was stuttering and lagging. See him first shot him first I die first... THATS THE BAD NETCODE. But people start flamig calling him he is Cheating obvious ...WOW 1 game 15 Minutes and i hit ALT+F4 and leave the game. From a Forum HOW To Program Aimbot for mice
  10. No i guess not...he always complains about me or other people cheat. He has NO IDEA how an Aimbot looks like or even a Cheat. At the moment im not playing the game any more cos it just frustrating to play this without friends as Squadmates!! NO TEAMPLAY there is no ( I ) in TEAM it means... T ogether E veryone A chive M ore Once I had 35 friends playing this but all quit...even the Chinese guys quit. The Chinese have the Ping advantage i recorded it so many times when i try to kill Laoge or anyone of them with there 300+Ping . The Chinese have private coders you can rent to create a private cheat for you. I was invited once to get it via WeChat...wtf I guess it will work like a remote radar via Smartphone thats why WeChat app (Not Detecable) cos its not running on the PC. Cheating to Chinese is normal and morraly acceptabel a kind of sport look at PUBG Ban Stats ... The newest feature for Cheaters is StreamProof using OBS Studio looks like this https://postimg.cc/gx2sPbtr People ask me "Why u not play CoD WarZone then?" Here is the answere I play video games and shooter for over 35 years maybe its time for a new hobby...
  11. What do you mean?? Just a tip shut up without having any clue how a cheat look or proof of cheating in any way. SO I HAVE PROOF FOR NOT CHEATING and you?? I record my gameplay over 1 year now since i left Battlefield and its cry babys Bann to Win NOOBS. You cry like the WBKS Server guys ...here some of my CHEATING Bf4 Accounts https://bf4db.com/player/1003837927259 before anybody ask NO IM NOT HeXe hes a buddy of mine One last thing Dude I saw you play the other day ...and i am sorry to say but bots play smarter than than you
  12. Any idea what coding things like botz means? Its not simple copy/paste waypoints for them. Btw. this is the 1000 time i guess ppl ask for bots and always people who have maybe played the game 6 Hours or less. So to be honest I do not want this game to be a tripel A Monster Game like Bf or CoD Series with the kiddy player base. Because more players means Cheatseller will do Cheats for it to sell them. To me i would like to see it next to games like ARMA or Squad a Military Simulator for Veteran Classic PC Gamers. As tynblpb said a lot of hardcore fans like him or me are waiting for bug fixes for more than one year now. Like me having my self invisibel bug and teleport around the map or that im sometimes not able to use vehicle guns and game stability or movement... So you realy wanna support the game than play it and report bugs like tynblpb does. As i see he is the onyl one left who report bugs.
  13. WOW Instead of acting like this! As i even did not use any bad language at all. Just speak out loud what everyone thinks here cos of Farm51s acting. I guess Admin or DEVs or what ever should say something to the community/FORUM!! But i get warning for language ...?? reminds me first meet you ROZMO XD I ask you "Hey i found hugh bug can i upload on YT and send to you?" Rozmos answere "Nobody cares about your YT Channel!"....wow so friendly Devs MY favorit sentence in this warning is: PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO FORUM USERS. As to me it is absolute respectless to let buying,testing,reporting customers leave behind like this.
  14. COOL! I like trustworthy people Will we all get a chargeback when its free to play then? I mean i could spend the 25bucks on Squad then
  15. As you said before they should/could have ask the Hardcore Fans with 1400H!?! I also would like to know WHY MY.GAMES? I guess maybe MY.Games where the only one who where interested to buy a game with a player base around 70 people?? So i think there will be maybe one more update/Patch (Movementsystem) and then... I think My.Games will take over full control of the game and make a F2P game. Like Warface of it with extra contend you can buy now when you play it on your mobile phone or Tablet I have seen this happen to other real good Studios in the past It seems like F51 they are smart enuff to sell it before it is absolute dead and nothing worth.
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