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  1. WOW Instead of acting like this! As i even did not use any bad language at all. Just speak out loud what everyone thinks here cos of Farm51s acting. I guess Admin or DEVs or what ever should say something to the community/FORUM!! But i get warning for language ...?? reminds me first meet you ROZMO XD I ask you "Hey i found hugh bug can i upload on YT and send to you?" Rozmos answere "Nobody cares about your YT Channel!"....wow so friendly Devs MY favorit sentence in this warning is: PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO FORUM USERS. As to me it is absolute respectless to let buying,testing,reporting customers leave behind like this.
  2. COOL! I like trustworthy people Will we all get a chargeback when its free to play then? I mean i could spend the 25bucks on Squad then
  3. As you said before they should/could have ask the Hardcore Fans with 1400H!?! I also would like to know WHY MY.GAMES? I guess maybe MY.Games where the only one who where interested to buy a game with a player base around 70 people?? So i think there will be maybe one more update/Patch (Movementsystem) and then... I think My.Games will take over full control of the game and make a F2P game. Like Warface of it with extra contend you can buy now when you play it on your mobile phone or Tablet I have seen this happen to other real good Studios in the past It seems like F51 they are smart enuff to sell it before it is absolute dead and nothing worth.
  4. Game-Built:4869383 It is somehow triggered only with the Troop Transport Vehicle or any vehicle when i use 2nd seat sometimes. I do not know if other vehicle cause it too cos I do not use vehicles as they are useless to me. I just exit a vehicle and thats it. I recognize it when try to capure something becuase i can NOT...but sometimes i can shot people. I have this bug since Patch 0.4- or 0.5 I also recorded it month ago...23.09.2019 But today it reached a new level...even after respawn i am still invisibel...lucky for enemies this time im not able to kill them. A friend told me as we where playing together (Death) that im not realy moving im only on one spot. As it looks to him.
  5. I hope so much your right... Just confusing what they did
  6. I hope so much your right... Just confusing what they did
  7. Hmmm i play FPS Games for more than 25 Years now let me remind if there is ANY good F2P game... War Thunder,RaceRoom maybe but these are more Sims to me best FPS Military was Americas Army. Kinda sad it looks like they give up on this awesome game with amazing potential for PC Gamers. Now they sell the close to death rest of it to a pay2win games seller. I just watched a video of JackFrags playing Warface ... WTF is that??? All of there Games are Crap!! I just read a post on 4players in the german section about F51&My.Games and some of the comments to it. WOW People HATE MY.GAMES cos its pay2win and they sell crap games...good decision Maybe WW³ will look like this in the future as a Free to play even availabel on IoS and Andoid
  8. changing the distance on the rail for canted would be awesome But these to me are cosmetics for times after release ...
  9. Oh Boy! Did not know anything about MY.GAMES till now!? But it seems like a few Russian Forum users know them? Not in a good (At)way . I did just a quick view what kind of games they are offering it says enuff...only So sad i was hoping they go that way the Insurgency Devs did as the game was dying... SORRY CANT SAY OFTEN ENUFF MODS RESCUE GAMES! Was thinking maybe when some Modders get there hands on the game to/and help Farm51 that would be great.
  10. LOL SPEEDTEST 1st Maybe read before posting crap??? Was Posted November 27, 2018 it is fixed also only a few had this. 2nd WiFi Speed test i recommend LAN connection for FPS games 3rd Use a correct Speedtest that is close to you maybe one of these https://www.speedtest.net http://www.dslreports.com/ this also shows the bufferbloat This is a test i made with DSL Reports
  11. As i said to you dude This would be the distance i like to use. But i guess this is a thing for fine tuning when the game will be released
  12. What kinda Club? just kinding I guess there are to less players at them moment...but you can use the search function and apply at GiD or the other Clan.
  13. I hope so much new movement will fix a lot. Waiting for the patch like X-Mas But my guess is! It is triggered by some weapon stats combined with body armor or some old game data,stats maybe...dont know how to call it. As I still have Black Warheads on my Drones So maybe something is screwed up inside the weapon stats it self??
  14. Ich finde es immer wieder lustig das die leute ins Forum schreiben Sinnlose dinge bemängeln in einer Early access oder Paid-alpha Aber mal ideen da lassen oder vorschläge machen um was zu verbessern "NOIN" Dafür aber vermutlich 30 Minuten gesamt Spielzeit
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