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  1. Fair enough, but if they don’t you’ll be driving that AFV around an empty map ;)
  2. I really hope so, there can only be a certain amount of time left that this game holds its thin player base without some kind of big update/content injection. With that in mind it would have to be something big to 1 bring back old players and 2 gain attention for new players; a server merge and some slick animations I don’t think will achieve that alone. As it’s a 9.0 version this is the last opportunity to put the game back on the radar ahead of its release, so you could say that 9.0 could be make or break for the game IMO.
  3. Me and I’m my friend are looking for some players to join our squad of an evening’s [Around 7pm UK Time]. While we take it serious ( I don’t like losing), we do want to have fun also, so we don’t have time for toxic people. We have been running as a duo so far, as finding good team mates who follow or give orders is hard to come by in game. But running as a team of 2 has it’s challenges, such as running into other 4-5 man enemy teams. So hoping to find some more like minded people If your interested let me know and I’ll arrange sharing Steam IDs etc.
  4. Thanks for everyone's response so far. @HeiligeRobbe I'm UK - North West & an yes I see, which is why I mentioned about allot of my concerns or issues could point back to latency problems. @Atway thanks for the feedback, nice to see some will be looked at or implemented at some point. Understand your point with shotguns. Regarding the sound it could be my end yes, I have the audio setting on Headset so will switch to 7.1 and see how I get on ( as I see that you have it on 7.1 without issues). @tynblpb also thanks for the feedback, good to know. Ha ha yes I had seen from old posts you know a noob when you see one, I'll ensure I work hard enough to prove I'm worthy enough!
  5. Just wanted to give my view & thoughts as a new player to the game (26 in game hours played since last weekend when I bought the game). I’ve read most of the recent posts on the game in this forum, nearly all from people who have been playing awhile. So would like to give a ‘noob’ perspective from someone with fresh eyes. I don’t know all the history to the game; promises from devs, roadmaps, previous versions, known bugs etc. In summary I’ll start off by saying that I love the game, it has various parts of other games that I enjoy rolled up into one. The player customization is great, the weapons and modifications look brilliant (tho allot of it is cosmetic). Maps are fun and provide a good mix of cover and open areas, and they are not too big to the point that you feel you’re running miles before contacting the other team (I don’t like or use vehicles in these type of games). TTK; is very nice however limb damage could use some work (see further on below) and the weapons feel lethal (yes I’m looking at you bullet sponge COD). So far I’ve not had any crashes or bugs (maybe apart from getting stuck on objects while being prone). The ONLY real criticism I can give so far is the poor latency and ping on the EU servers (I have a top spec computer and top internet speeds) but this can be attributed to the fact the whole global player base is using the EU servers I guess. Allot of the BS I am seeing and experiencing could be down to this (so will reserve judgement); such as being killed while in cover, killed by people either in full sprint or not looking at me, appearing to be ‘one tapped’ by non-sniper weapons even with full protection on head and chest, people being bullet sponges or hits not registering at all. Just some general thoughts which stick out to me, I’ll hold back on more comments until I’ve experienced the game more; · Weapon Mods - Would prefer of all changes had an impact on weapon performance (For example changing stocks will change weight, recoil and ADS speed or handle grips improved handling speed, control etc). It appears allot of the mods have no impact or at least noticeable to me. · Limb Damage – Allot of time the TTK has been extremely fast to then see that all shots hit my arms or legs, would prefer to see TTK to limbs be reduced but in its place penalty’s until healed such as arms (slower reload, ADS, more recoil) or legs (slower movement speed, unable to sprint, transitions to prone, crouch, stand slowed down and unable to climb). · MCS & Bullpup Pecheneg – Both of these weapons have stuck out for me for different reasons, while I’ve not used them it’s their use on me that has me puzzled. The MCS seems to have extremely long range for a shotgun, the amount of times I’ve been sniped by this thing is confusing. The Bullpup Pecheneg for a LMG this seems far too accurate, more often than not when being killed by this it’s always headshots and 100% hits to my head, I wish I had the data of times killed by this gun and where on my body it’s hit me as I’m sure it would be 95% to the head during my whole time. (not sure if this is a weapon thing or just the very experienced people using it.) Maybe I’m just unlucky : ) · Sounds – I get of allot of people ghosting up to me without making a sound, yet other times I can hear people moving clearly. Just a bit inconsistent but not sure if this is linked to latency/ping. · Calling in Strikes – For ones such as UAV or UAV blockers it would be nice if our guy could just call this on his location (hot key). So holding down ‘6’ would make him use his radio and call in a UAV on his position. Only because I’ve been killed a number of times on my iPad while capping a point looking for my position to place a UAV on it. (If this is already a thing, great, just not clear if this is currently possible). So on a whole I’ve really enjoyed my experience so far, and while the learning curve has been made more difficult by a small experienced player base. I feel like I’ve picked the game up quickly. The one thing I would stress to the development team is to make attempts to get more players into the game (free weekends, events, get some streamers to play it) and get those Steam reviews of no one is online moved on. As I was reluctant to pick up the game due to the comments of no one is playing, until I made the effort to come here and ask if it was possible to get games. An I’m glad I did because I have never had an issue getting a game (I’m EU based). However the average person will see those reviews about dead game and move on, while the population is small it’s by no means as dead as the reviews make out. Look forward to the next update and seeing you all in game. L
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rHXtyvJKHxd77DjqccAA9ULRl2yQfMuQJ8JRMeR9RN0/edit?usp=sharing Saw that the full doc has been shared in another post.
  7. Thanks for the input. Yeah it does come down to play style on how high or low you go. I’ll keep trying out and see what fits best. In the blog it showed 2 images of an excel doc showing TTK for 2 of the amour types taking into account bullet calibre. Is this full doc available showing all 4 types of protection or is there a fan made equivalent?
  8. Hey all, just wanted thoughts and suggestions on body armour in WW3. (Also given it was mentioned in the weekly blog from the devs). I’m new to the game about 15 hours played since Saturday when I picked it up. But wanted to see what the general view is on what protection people are using and the effectiveness of it VS the weight penalty. Traditionally in other games I have always ran light; with the theory behind it being that I’m more agile therefore the aim is to flank, ambush, surprise (also potentially harder to hit because I’m quicker) to get my shots of first. So far in WW3 I have ran high protection on the head (I like to peak cover) and low for the body (for less weight to improve movement speed). Is there any real argument for using better chest protection or does weight not worth the benefit it gives? What are people mainly running with?
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    Ah great. Thanks
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    New to the game (picked up yesterday). An been messing around with loadouts etc. There is an option to select bullet type (AP, FMJ) however I picked AP but in game it still says FMJ bottom right. Is this feature not in the game yet or do I need to do something else to equip it?
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    Ah cool. As long as I get to play then all good Thanks
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    Great, thanks! It did seem to be more US comments that the servers were completely empty.
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