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  1. I thought about YT content creators more than streamers precisely because a YT video can be manipulated to show only the most interesting parts of the game. Also Russian Badger for example always playes the game with his friends which elevates the level of fun to another level (as evenb kicking rocks in a good company can be fun). This way we can prevent the "dominated noob" feel.
  2. Hello fellow soldiers, I've been watching Upper Echelon Gamers review "the Cycle" and close to the end he said something that got me thinking - he was approached by friendly game developers and asked if he like to review the (F2P) game, and that alone was a big plus for him. Big enough to give them a shout-out in the review video. Which steamers/content creators would you recommend showing the game to? Is the game in a state you'd want to be shown right now? My suggestions would be beforementioned UEG and Legacy Killa (because their watchers are usually shooter/fps players), Russian Badger (because if you sponsor the video he'll make it about anything) and oddly enough - Boris, the slav king. Mostly because the game radiates slavness. Who else from the mainstream creators would be both approachable, and have big enough reach for it to actually matter?
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