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  1. Cool. Well if they're going to push hard with the promoting and do a proper release at v1 then things should be fine i'm sure. There are lots of hints making it seem like that is not the case though. The ww3 mainpage doesn't even say "early access" on it.
  2. Alright. so why was it "released" in 2018 then? the gaming community views the game as being released already. Are they going to release a dead game and just have it flop?
  3. Ok. I have heard things like that. But honestly, you have to look at what is real. It doesn't matter what the maps "were" or how many people they were designed for. This game has a max of 50 people playing, and that like EVER. usually it's like 20 people online. The game is on the verge of being extinct. That's not a very safe situation to force players to hike for minutes through emptiness every time they die. And that's assuming there is anyone to fight at the capture zone. There is often no one there.
  4. OK, I honestly believe this is a HUGE issue that is plaguing the game and no one is noticing. The maps are absurdly ginormous. It was a good idea. WW3 is a war that would be grand in scale, and grand 60 person battles deserve grand maps. But this game suffers from little to no player count. If the game is on the verge of dying because no one is playing it, then it is too small to support maps of this size. Also the outer portions of the maps (including the areas that have the spawns) are a wasteland of useless area. There are vast areas that players NEVER fight in at all. Some maps have the spawns of one team much further from the capture zones than the other team. These areas have no useful purpose to the game. And the biggest reason that this is a major problem, is that it forces the player to spend endless time traveling form location to location. There is already a low player count. You cannot have players running around empty maps just HOPING to run into someone to shoot. This is the type of thing that is ruining the gameplay experience. Even with the ATV's and other vehicles, the spaces are just too large. And there is usually not a vehicle around when you need one. It would be easy to modify the current warzone maps to cut out the useless dead areas of travel. Either consolidate the maps themselves (ie delete the empty areas in between the spawns and the capture zones). Or move the spawns closer to the capture zones. This would instantly force players up against eachother, and give the illusion of a far more populated game world. P.S. I know that you are planning on bumping the player count from 30 to 60. But doing that won't be enough to eliminate the pointless traveling from spawn to the combat zones. It will only make the battle at the combat zone more exciting.
  5. 2018 launch isn't really an issue though. You can't go back in time and fix something from two years ago.
  6. Can someone tell me if I can add more camouflage than is in the game? I just want to blacken my character more. Trying to run around like a ninja, but the shading/lighting makes the current "black" not very dark. Doesn't stand out much. Is there any way to mod this? What about guns? THANKS!!!
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