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  1. What i am recommending is what's already essentially in place. But instead of having every server swapping the map and gamemode, make it static for now . And reduce duplicates. I saw that there were 5 EMPTY Polyarny breakthrough servers running all at once. So yes having the specific combinations preset and invariable, but having all 15 combinations, plus 1-5 duplicates of popular choices; "20, MAX, servers.."
  2. [Feature]: Howdy everyone, my suggestion is simple. There are currently 5 maps and 3 game modes. If there were only one server running each map+game mode combo there would be 15 servers. Roughly allowing 400 players to be concurrently playing with full servers and lobbies. However some players don't like certain maps/ game modes, so i thought that sometime in the not too distant future a poll via Twitter or a Steam Link (in news update), could gather data on which specific map+game mode combo is the favorite then make 2-3 servers running that specific combo. I know 400 players doesn't sound like a lot, but unfortunately at the present point in time the player base never has more than 6 full lobbies out of the 30+ that pop up on server browser(less than 150). A quick sidenote: there are WAYYYY too many breakthrough servers, its a fun gamemode however there are way too many that are ALWAYS empty. Then there are certain "combos" that rarely show up, for example Warsaw+TDM (my personal favorite). My logic and reasoning behind this is that returning/new players coming to truly beta test the game and have a really fun experience will have the circumstance of sitting in an empty lobby for 10-20 minutes or playing in a 1/4 full warzone lobby be limited. As time goes on more duplicates of map+game mode combos could be added as recorded data shows which "combo" servers are always full/ near full. This will also make it appear as though there are more players on because more of the total available servers will be full. I feel that this would be a way to stabilize the servers a little bit too because there wouldn't be 30+ empty servers. Simply put; like 20, MAX, servers always running the same map+game mode combo allowing for consistency in the gameplay and playerbase revival. I really love this game and I can see the enormous potential. I just wish that there was more than 1-3 servers to actually play on (not empty all the time) XD. Cheers to the Dev team for keeping at the dream!
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