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  1. not necessarily one or two dudes could put some basic code and add to it over time...beside bro these are ideas. eventually if they want this game to be a triple A experience not only do the things mentioned by you and others need fixed.....but then we gonna need some modes, content, maybe even clan support or something down the line. innovations of some sort to help it stand out from the crowd.
  2. uh.....as the title says... possibility of adding bots or option to add bots to multiplayer servers. maybe a Co-Op mode...... so maybe it's lame but if done right bots could be used to fill in for players in active servers ( 1 live active player on up) as players join they replace bots or as they leave a bot is added. maybe that won't work for what ever 1000000's of reasons nothing wrong with adding the ability to set up a session with bots or like a training.... idea here is some thing that can help fill in empty servers during low player count situations. OK....that is still maybe not gonna work.... how bout some co-op? Co-Op, add a story or don't add a story whatever....but some kind of objective or check point based mode against bots for 1 player on up (till team is filled ie. 4 player coop or maybe 12 player coop) OK but what about the meta the east vs. west meta game..... multiplayer goes as normal but in coop you still earn progress for your load outs and rank but for the meta game you get supply and money to assist in the war effort for every co op victory.
  3. cant say i disagree with you on the possibility of exploitation. in an ideal situation the anti cheat should catch the cheaters but this doesn't happen enough. personally i could care less about the aim assist as all one really has to do is adjust sensitivity and dead zone......but it would be a nice feature to see native game pad support as those type of adjustments and others are easier and less buggy. (no 3rd party hooks or injectors or any of that crap either). Although having both would still certainly widen the accessibility, ultimately more players in the servers is a goal, the more accessible the better. i don't mean making the game noob friendly or anything like that. But having well designed, smooth, and responsive controls (in general regardless on input device) options on what device to use for example on foot mappings could be mapped to mouse on keyboard and vehicle mappings on game pad and so on. if aim assist would cause potential issues or doesn't fit with the game or its community leave it out. besides just throwing around ideas
  4. not joking, and ill say what i said above. when it comes to aim assist any type of snap (auto) aim assist should be avoided as it just plan sucks for every one and ruins games. what i suggested is the old school slow the cross hair a bit as a player passes a skeletal frame. it should not be extreme but present if any controller support is added. besides if number 3 is so true what is there to worry about.
  5. Sir/Ma'am, A feature that I believe would add to the game is native controller support with aim assist. i know right "this guy"..... just gimme a sec. 1. with new generations of consoles coming out some players are switching to PC. As more and more developers are developing across platforms this switch makes sense because PC is nearly infinitly upgradeable at usually lower cost then re buying console hardware that becomes easily outdated. any way these guys are more likely to use a controller. 2. disabled gamers, some may find to easier to hold a controller or use a combination of controller and mouse and keyboard. the steam controller mapping stuff is good to help in this re guard but without native support and aim assist its gonna be tough to get that fine aim. 3. bit of future proofing, with native support and aim assist in place the game would be in a better position to port when the time comes. can be fully tested and integrated in early access or pre release betas . 4. an attractive feature.... the more customization, optimization, and control over how the player can personalize their experience. in 2020 and beyond people love options give us sliders and switches ect. lol seriously though it gets no more personal then being able to choose your favorite input method . OK Ive wasted enough time on controller support lets talk about the elephant in the room "aim assist". speaking from experience nothing is worse then having two enemeys in your sights only to have the game stick you to one guy..... avoid snap aim and sticking type aim assist. on the mouse and key board side this type of aim assist generally messes with mouse input (jidders and such). so my suggestion... simple old school "slow the cross hairs a bit as it passes over a skeletal frame" aim assist. just enough not super crazy..... or going with the theme of customization a slider to adjust it (with in fair and reasonable limits). well thats it just gonna blast ya a quick wish list and im out. 1. FN F2000 2. IWI Tavor 21 3. tighten up movement and animations a bit (more fluid feeling motion), would also love to see mantling animations/movements and ledge grab/ climbing (no every thing obviously but stuff a guy could reach up and grab should be able to reach up and climb instead of bunny hoping around on objects to get up. 4. new game modes 5. new maps 6. single player campaign for those who purchase/ed the game, maybe just leave multiplayer components f2p and have special skins and stuff from the campaign available to those who've completed it. (might be a cool incentive to buy, get a free multiplayer shooter or get the complete game with single player campaign, a pack of skins, extra in game currency etc. make it a good deal and your off to the races :). Darkside out
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