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  1. It will take off, we just need more people promoting the game. I BELIEVE IN THIS GAME. Tell your friends to download it and give it a weeks worth of playing, they will be hooked...I hope.
  2. Every time I log in to play the game it tells me to update the game now.... but I can't. I have verified the integrity of the file , adjusted the update settings in steam, and restarted steam. Anyone else having this issue??? It also reads : Posted Wednesday 15 May 2019 @ 11:31. ...... but I also have version currently running... is this the latest update?
  3. I just wanted to reach out to you all and say that I really appreciate your time in the development of World War III. I have been searching and searching for a game like this one here for awhile and let me tell, you have already met all my needs and wants for a true military war game. I truly enjoy the game for what it is and for what it already has to offer, with that being said anything else you decide to do to improve on the game itself I'm sure will exceed far beyond any of my expectations because you have already met my needs. GREAT WORK and GOOD LUCK with any future updates. Things I like the most about this game are: The realism - IMO, This is what separates WWIII from any other game The maps - you never get board playing them The weapons and customization - just amazingly awesome The layout of the homepage - simple and easy to navigate yet tactical The achievement awards - always fun to advance and rank up The vehicles/tanks - pure awesomeness (whoever decided to make it possible to shoot out the tanks eye sight is a genius ...what other game incorporates that?....DETAILS for the win) ... I could go on and on All and all ... I am happy with what you all have already produced. Keep up the good work and I hope to see this game succeed with a massive player count I think it deserves. Raptor28 .... out
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