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  1. and i have tried disabling dvr mode and windows 10 game mode in my windows settings. but without any luck.
  2. the screenshot is in dutch but i'll guess you understand the situation. when i try to alt tab to the task manager it does bring me a view of the loading screen. minor detail tought i'd share. i also tried changing all kinds of different sound settings from 16 bits - 44100hz to 32 bits - 192000hz. both didn't help
  3. no, i don't hear ambient sounds when the game freezes. but i was already playing with a headset on jack audio. but i tried to play without a headset plugged in, but that also didn't work and the game froze yet again. any other sollutions for me?
  4. hi, i just bought this game and it looks really good but i can't play it sadly. after 2-3 minutes into a match my game freezes and i have to force exit it through task manager. the lobby works fine so this only happens in-game. i hope someone knows a fix for this and i would appreciate the help. i read some things about ram leaks but i don't know if those issues are connected or how to fix them but for the matter i got 32gb of ram if that is helpfull. Further, my pc specs are: Processor: i9-9900k Graphicscard: nvidia Rtx 2080 32gb ram
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