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  1. It would be pretty cool to play on an Aircraft Carrier. I picture it being like the USS Texas from Call Of Duty WW2. It would need a flight deck, hangar deck, hull, island, a few rooms inside the ship for the crew and maybe even accessible places to lean and mount a machine gun. The setting could be out at sea with moving water around as the carrier drives, or it could be at a destroyed naval station. Well, since WW3 obviously takes place in the future, maybe the aircraft carrier could be in the air flying! It could be relatively small like the Nimitz class or huge like the USS Gerald R Ford
  2. Overview The simulation Mode for WW3 is the news game mode and kind of a way to make your own story and test things out if it were to happen in real life. You can select any number of countries on the world map with a military and choose who the opposing side is as well. Then you can fight it out as you choose battle locations and try to win the war, enabling world domination in the game mode. How it works After the game mode is selected the player is shown a world map with all countries showing the color gray. The player selects the allied countries that they play as and for. All the chosen countries/country, are now blue. After confirmation, you select the enemy countries which are seen in red. Then the war begins with a news cutscene showing the main allied country announcing the war has begun. Then the player starts the first operation where they choose 3 locations and battle at each of them. To consider the operation a success, you must win at least ⅔ of the battles. If you fail the operation, you must restart the mode. If you complete the operation, a cutscene shows your country´s news report announcing that a section of the war was won. In the second operation, you must choose locations in enemy territory to try and convert to being an ally in your empire over the world. Once again you must win ⅔ battles. When completed, the news report for your country now shows your soldier killing enemies and you are now considered a war hero for your side of the war. In the third and last operation you must take out the remaining powers and become an empire. In this last operation there are 2 different battles but you must win both of them to finish the game mode. Afterwards, the winning side is considered a new world superpower and they have the ability to rule the world. Even after this, you can choose to continue! If you continue you play as the losing side of the war from last time and try to win back your independence. To do so the same operation type procedure takes place. This cycle can go on forever or you can start a new game with new countries to see how the new simulation would play out. Difficulty is based on how strong the country's military is in the real world so for example, going against Russia will be harder than it will be going against Haiti. Military Comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmQW-hKiqBY Sources: Global Fire Power & Military Factory Defense Web and Global Security Globalfirepower.com Why You Should Consider It One reason to consider this is because it would be cool to see a custom story and simulation match up based on the country and how the player plays. Imagine America VS The World! Russia And Australia VS Japan and Jamaica! You choose! This could be a very good resource for strategy. I know many other games have done their crappy or half decent versions of my idea, but with it in this game things would be different. You would actually have to think about your battle locations, how many troops you have and how to improvise. If America attacks Japan through the Navy, consider attacking the coast will cost you tremendous Navy damage repair costing you money that could have been spent and resources plus, they have more troops on homeland giving you the disadvantage for land and air. So it might be in your best interest to send SEAL troops on ships and ensure that they are heavily armed with backup if needed. This could be helpful and fun for those who like to think or even those who want to grow up to be in the military! This could be DLC! If you tease this early and add it after the game has been released, many people would have been looking forward to saving up for it, giving you more additional money upon the release of the game. It would also add more play time and content for players to explore.
  3. Quick question about the game, does WW3 have nukes? Im not sure if it does and didnt want to jump to assumptions so I thought I would ask. Thanks.
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