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  1. What’s good about that? We already have skins... and no anime SKIN or I’ll rage over this
  2. Modern Combat 5 is the worst. P2W system that requires more than hundreds of dollars just for the best gun.
  3. I do... But I believe, as Long as the game does not go on an in-game paywall rampage like any Call of Duty games nowadays or any Ubisoft game, it should be fine. There are still players around. Even EA has cut down the paywall system in NFS: Heat. We just want the game to minimise the paywall, like there can be a payment system in case one runs out of money. I pray hard that there would not be an additional P2W feature... But then again, I may be wrong. P.s Speaking of Ghost Recon, Phantoms is free and they do have a Singapore map. Having it in WW3 may be nostalgic for some, due to Phantoms already shut down. Maybe it was due to being developed by Ubi Singapore, but it lasted for only 2 years. I do not wish for WW3 to meet the same fate.
  4. World War 3 will be undergoing development and will return as a F2P game. Has it been totally confirmed and decided? Will there be microtransactions in-game when it will be re-released?
  5. To be honest I pretty much like the idea
  6. That’ll be a nice addition if we have a coastal battle ground, similar to Operation Overlord (D-Day). Imagine such a huge map. But the map should be an iconic landmark.
  7. Same here. Watching people play without me felt like a slap to my face for dying.
  8. I know what a war-torn environment looks like. I’m just saying that the map is a good idea.
  9. Seriously dude I play it but my KD is Low from the performance... I have won some matches too you can check my account
  10. According to the progress, some months later. Maybe they r gathering the ideas of players according to roadmap and actually putting them into development. May take Long.
  11. Sorry if I was not specific. I’m not sure about other tanks and maps, but it happened to me when I exit an APC (probably a bumerang). The same happened in a T-72, and the match was a game of Warzone that took place in Smolensk.
  12. Whenever I exit a tank, I will be glitched under the world of the map for a few seconds. Not a major bug but it’s clearly annoying. Something like this: (I got this from someone else in the forum as I have no screenshot, since the bug is pretty brief. But you should get my idea...)
  13. BRO I was just asking if there’s any chat activity here! Didn’t mention anything about liking the page
  14. Is this webpage dead? No conversation here...
  15. It’s the blinding light glitch that occurs when aiming down a scope. I personally call it “holy light” because it is the brightest light I’ve seen in any games that I played. Worse than flashbangs.
  16. Damn... And what’s with the “holy light” blinding me whenever I zoom into a scope or red dot ADS
  17. Can anyone tell me what kind of video settings will make the game very smooth? I play games on a Low-performance gaming laptop with MX150 that’s way below the average games’ system requirements and it lagged and was bugged so much the holy light is shining through my scope whenever I ADS.
  18. You do know the reason why I suggested Singapore Changi Airport despite an airport being suggested before don’t you? I posted the reason 16 hrs ago
  19. But I’m asking for a Singapore map for Asian Theatre of War update. That’s the point. Marina Bay is a famous destination known by many. It is featured in CoD BO3. Changi Airport has been leading the Skytrax list of best airports(#1) for many years CONSECUTIVELY. Jewel is simply an addition to an already well-maintained and designed main airports.The main airports alone (4 terminals): Which other airports can beat this? I have yet to introduce the butterfly garden and mazes! Is @Rozmo following me tho? Someone check for me?
  20. Come on, keep your hopes high! We are a community here! We’re supposed to go through this path TOGETHER.
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