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  1. Did have a good game , yesterday afternoon about between 5pm-6pm BST. Squad played well , joined halfway through. Been using the light machine gun SA-80, i recommend it.
  2. Hang in there Raptor, i think it's going in the right direction.
  3. Hi Enigma, totally agree with you. I'm new to this game but i also hate that kind of game type were your left out in the cold while watching others playing the game.
  4. Hi Wolf, great video. What weapon you using & attachments ? i'm a noob so need some help. Thx Is it the SA-80 LMG ?

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    Hi tynblpb / Atway, Thanks for your response. Will checkout out all when i get a moment as i work nights & my main game time is normally late weekends. Thanks in advance. :)

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    Hi all, i'm 52. Played Dod,Dods, most of Cod series & Battlefield series, Tried Days of War & Battalion ( not impressed ) Fancied a change, this game has potential. We will see Only bought the game over the weekend, so not really put the time in yet,. Still getting used to my weird Key setup built around the arrow keys LOL. Struggled to find toggle ADS then found it's in zoom setting. Played a few games & managed to kill some people & cap objectives. Need to look at the gun customisation and put more time in, but enjoyed it so far. Quick question, is there a ingame tutorial as literally jummped in at deep end just to play ? Thx
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