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  1. Hi. There is a spot in the underground tunnel at C2 in Warsaw from which you can take over the objective. Is it a bug? Because it's quite well hidden and seems unfair for the other team.
  2. Hi. Would be nice to have some kind of a marker in the middle of the line for a napalm strike. Something like this ------x------ so when we rotate it we will know what the final position is going to be. Does it make any sense what I just said?;)
  3. Czlowiek

    [Sound] Headshot

    Hello, Another request for the final version. Please leave the headshot sound as it is right now. The most satisyfing sound in any fps shooter. Thanks
  4. Just a regular holo , primary is x4. Can't switch them in customization.
  5. Hello, Would it be possible to add an option to set a secondary scope by default after a respawn? I use it 80% of the time and somethimes forget (or have no time) to switch it. Thanks for reading.
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