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  1. Hello, my question is in the title. What is weapon propagation?
  2. Ok, I managed to change my avatar again, thanks. It's too bad that population is low. I will try again later tomorrow or in two days to see if it's more populated. For the PTE servers, okay I will wait until I can join it. Take care.
  3. Hello, this thread is for reporting feedback issues, like the title says. My first question is: how can I change my avatar in-game? I haven't found how to make it. Today, servers with low ping were all empty ten minutes ago, so I left the game. I live in France. As far as WW3 PTE is concerned, I am stuck at the waiting screen. I have waited for like ten minutes, so I had to leave the game with Ctrl + Alt + Del. My system is up to date, I have verified the files integrity of WW3 and my AMD graphics card driver is also up to date.
  4. So it is for end games emotes, ok I get it. Thanks.
  5. In the key bindings, F1, F2 and F3 keys are made for, in french: "Raillerie". Literally, "Raillerie" means "Mockery". I don't understand what is the purpose of these keys. When I press F1, the weapon is holstered, when I press F2, the weapon is raised but sometimes it doesn't work the first times I press it. Finally, F3 also holsters the weapon.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. WW3 definitely has a very good potential.
  7. Hello, as you can see in the screenshots, the French tongue is not well optimized yet in the game menus. The characters are sometimes written above their rectangle limit. In other words, they sometimes overlap.
  8. Hello, I hope this is the right forum category for my question. I love your game but only one probably trivial question I am going to ask, but I repeat, it's no big deal: the game title World War 3 reminds me of a generic TV debate like if the presenter was talking about next World War 3. On the other hand, it's a good title to make you original and stand out from the communities. If you have already decided that it will be your definitive game title, so be it. Keep up the great job
  9. Sorry, another question: does propagation mean the shooting preciseness? The SIG has unpreciseness while shooting especially from far away.
  10. Thanks, I kind of understand. It's how the aiming sticks to the ennemy
  11. Hello, the title says it all. The Lower part of my rifle, the SIG, which I'm interested in is the UKM Angle Grip. It says it significantly reduces ADS speed but I don't know what does ADS mean, as I'm not a weapon engineer.
  12. Thanks for your clarification. Ok then, I will wait until you release it and then it will be offered. Your game has great potential, sincerely.
  13. Hello, something's wrong with me probably... on Steam, there is no add to cart button. I would like to offer it to my friend in the future, not now because I have no money left. I bought WW3 on Instant Gaming so I hope it's not because of this. Is it because I have bought it on Instant Gaming that I don't see the add to cart button? Maybe I must offer him this game thanks to Instant Gaming?
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