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  1. Sorry, another question: does propagation mean the shooting preciseness? The SIG has unpreciseness while shooting especially from far away.
  2. Thanks, I kind of understand. It's how the aiming sticks to the ennemy
  3. Hello, the title says it all. The Lower part of my rifle, the SIG, which I'm interested in is the UKM Angle Grip. It says it significantly reduces ADS speed but I don't know what does ADS mean, as I'm not a weapon engineer.
  4. Thanks for your clarification. Ok then, I will wait until you release it and then it will be offered. Your game has great potential, sincerely.
  5. Hello, something's wrong with me probably... on Steam, there is no add to cart button. I would like to offer it to my friend in the future, not now because I have no money left. I bought WW3 on Instant Gaming so I hope it's not because of this. Is it because I have bought it on Instant Gaming that I don't see the add to cart button? Maybe I must offer him this game thanks to Instant Gaming?
  6. The title says it all. I would like to know if there is a command for only focusing on the weapon sight, leaving the interface hidden and after the screenshot made, going back to the full view with the interface.
  7. Actually, my avatar you see here is also my Steam avatar since like one week ago. My avatar in-game is different. Likely, the one in-game was my Steam avatar when I bought World War 3.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for how to change my avatar while in-game in the main menu. How can I do this please?
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