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  1. The most likely cause of this is not fully logging out of and Exiting Steam after removing the x86launcher.exe and x64launcher.exe processes. You need to completely log out of and shut down Steam first(Exit it from the taskbar icon as well), then reopen the program so it can verify the installation on initial startup and patch in new files. While one can follow this compilation/guide completely in a continuous manner, each Section is a standalone process, to be dealt with on its own. If you need an exact reference, reread Section Two, Step Four for good measure.
  2. This thread serves as both a compilation of known external factors that I have found rendered the Live build version more unstable and unoptimized than it should be, and as a more concise restructuring and rewriting of a Steam Guide that covered this topic found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2318197449 Unlike the Steam Guide, this will be written covering OS-level fixes first and foremost, followed by software-level fixes and what have you. The premise is that this is based off of mostly resolving or coming to understand my woes on a Dell Inspiron 5676 prebuild, with a Ryzen 7 2700, RX 580 4GB variant, 16GB of DDR4-2400 RAM, and a 450W PSU I have still been unable to upgrade due to the case, and in doing so getting the game to at least be playable on TDM maps at 1440p without using GPU Buffering or CPU Performance Boost/OneFrameThreadLag. — — — Section One: Checking for and Repairing Underlying OS Corruption. This is the first thing one must address before anything else, for the obvious reason of the OS being unstable having an influence on all games and software, World War 3 included. To first check for if the OS is corrupted: 1. Hit Start key+X, or right-click on the Start Menu icon to open the "Power User" Start Menu. 2. Click on either Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin). 3. Inside the Administrator Command Prompt or Powershell terminal, type the command sfc /scannow and hit Enter. Wait for this process to finish. Above is an example of if the System File Checker does not detect anything. However, in the event it does report corrupted files and repairs them, or if you are especially concerned about the OS integrity in spite of SFC's results, there is a way to repair the OS image yourself. For those of you whom use Windows 10, the process is easy.: 1. Hit Start key+X or right-click on the Start Menu, and select Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin) to open it. If it is already opened from running SFC /scannow, skip this step. 2. Type the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and hit Enter. Wait for this process to finish. Pictured above is an example of if the DISM image repair completes successfully, assuming Windows Update is working. For additional resources and Microsoft documentation on these methods, along with how to similarly repair OS image corruption on Windows 7 SP1, links are provided below. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/repair-a-windows-image https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-server/deployment/fix-windows-update-errors — — — Section Two: Fixing Game-Critical Steam Executable Corruption. The original motivation for writing the Steam Guide came after finally capturing a highly elusive error message, revealing one source of the game consistently freezing shortly after joining any match, TDM map instances included. Pictured above is Steam's x86launcher.exe executable failing to start correctly due to file corruption. While it is expected to launch with the game or on mapload, should it be corrupted, it will cause the game combined with Steam to use more system resources than it should in failing to start, and guarantee Out of Memory crashes and/or freezing at 1080p and 1440p Low on 4GB cards. As with Windows 10 OS corruption, this can go undetected for a long time and only manifest as an unknown slight performance problem in other titles. To fix this: Locate the Steam installation folder, in either Program Files (x86) or Program Files. Look for the executable inside Steam/bin, as pictured below. Log out of and Exit Steam fully. Delete both highlighted executables, as these share file descriptions. Restart Steam to patch in new files as part of its self-update checks. If done correctly, this should be resolved, and TDM matches at the very least should be playable without as much or any unexplained freezing now. — — — Section Three: Steam Overlay and PhysX System Software troubles. These two are likely already known, but the Steam Overlay will share and/or compete for GPU resources with World War 3, and can cause Out of Memory crashes and freezing because of that. To determine if the Steam Overlay is responsible for a game crash, locate GameOverlayUI.exe.log.last as seen here. Note that it records information only if the Steam Overlay was opened in a game, and if that game was the most recent one played. In the example of the second image, a Steam Overlay session during a Warsaw Warzone match was recorded as having caused an Out of Memory-related freeze. Right-clicking on the game's Steam Library listing, clicking Properties, and unchecking the Enable Steam in-game overlay checkbox is an interim fix for that. You can also click on the Local Files section in Properties to Verify Integrity of game files if you like. As for NVIDIA's PhysX System Software, a link to the latest version is provided here for AMD users to download and install, as some systems may not have the latest version. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/physx/physx-9-19-0218-driver/ — — — Section Four: Remaining in-game issues. Unfortunately, Even after all of the above, there are still some game issues that are out of my current control, or require more than 4GB of VRAM to resolve. The game will cache as much system RAM into Standby as it can when first loading into the game, at the War Map screen. This may be down to being unable to load things into VRAM, or simply because. Not exactly an issue save for maybe the engine being forced to keep things in system RAM when it should not have. Of the TDM maps, Moscow TDM has a chance of crashing out when first loading the map at the Synchronization and Deployment screens, and when first spawning in due to briefly exceeding 4GB of VRAM in usage. This is further guaranteed if enough players are in the match or settings are high enough due to existing VRAM usage being maxed out for long enough.(Video documentation of this is seen here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-KJ0r_iFB27-nA_xbgfe5syiEmhrBJJY/view?usp=sharing ) Warzone maps will similarly exceed 4GB of VRAM usage and crash out depending on settings. However, Polyarny Warzone seems to successfully clamp VRAM usage more often than not, in spite of its instanced performance issues with dynamic foliage. (To do: Compare Breakthrough map instances.) The game currently uses Unreal Engine 4.21, which is a little old, and additionally uses a version of the Steamworks API(1.41) that is newer than what Epic Games considers stable for that engine version(Steamworks API version 1.39). However, this is a more subjective issue than the prior three. Anyway, that will be all for this thread at this time. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Regards for now. —TS2.
  3. Necroposter here. This freezing several minutes into a match is likely caused by external sources of instability that have gone undetected for a long time now. World War 3, in its hunger for system resources and other innate game issues, has revealed them. I can go over fixing them in a step-by-step process if you like, or otherwise create a compilation post detailing it as a new thread topic.
  4. This is a strange issue, but I did happen to find some external software issues that could also be interfering with the game. Not sure if it would help, though, as it seems the main issue here was already clarified.
  5. Necroposter here. Remind me, what system specs were you using at the time?
  6. Necroposter here. With what specs, target resolution, and settings were you experiencing this?
  7. The crosshair appearing just before the scope is fully ADS is due to it being an overlay separate from the scope. Multiple optics, especially the dot sights, are known to use this method of optic. As for the flame being cold, it is probably due to it being a sprite that does damage, but is not meant to have a presence on Thermal Scopes for either playability purposes, or because that sprite cannot be made to have highlighting when using the optic. I am not sure which is the case personally, but those are the most plausible explanations for this based on inference.
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