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  1. Now I don't know if people already know about this,or if it was reported I'd just like to show it still. For those that don't know,basically with the T-5000 and G29 sniper rifle,they are being bolted by the left hand,and while sprinting that animation completely bugs out and it lokos like this.
  2. So basically how i achieved this is by browsing through the icon and UI settings in the gameplay section,i don't know which setting it was that triggered this issue,but upon death it refreshed it self and went to normal.
  3. Yeah it makes it much more simpler :),i hope they planned something like this would be quite nice
  4. A very game braking bug I've came across recently is in the safezone,or the spawn area of every map in Warzone. Basically this bug makes you repair the vehicle on the platform on a very certain position and angle.Before the platform worked more than fine as soon as you parked your vehicle on it,the vehicle would resupply and repair.However with this bug that action would only be done if you were on a specific spot on the platform,which is very weird and that position would always switch around. Re-entering the vehicle doesn't work,leaving it for a few seconds on the platform doesn't work and this is with all driveable vehicles in game,score streaks and standard spawn.It also happens on every warzone map,or well map with the repair and vehicles.I'm not sure when this bug began to appear but i know for a fact that before that the platform worked like intended and without issues.
  5. I've noticed that there isn't much languages available.I'm fluent in Balkan languages,because well I come from there and I have a certificate of my English knowledge from Oxford and Cambridge,so the translation would be pretty much one to one.I'm pretty much fluent at English as well,mostly because through the years I've managed to pick up almost every single slang,situatinoal word,etc,etc. So what I could bring to the game is translation and overhaul of information in Serbian,Montenegrin,Croatian and Bosnian. Of course if you know one of those as a balkan you understand all three,so if the game is translated to Serbian all three countries can understand it,same goes with each. So i could effectively translate everything within the game to Montenegrin and with that eliminate the other three language groups that remain in that region.
  6. Now don't let the title confuse you,we do have custom options for clothing,but for camouflage,what I am proposing is a little bit different. Instead of having couple of variations of different clothing,for example: Altyn Helmet with no visor>Altyn helmet with visor up>Altyn helmet with visor down Special Forces vest w/jacket>Special forces vest w/jacket rolled>special forces vest w/shirt>special forces vest w/shirt rolled So instead of having the same piece of clothing with 50 different styles,how about having that single piece of clothing,that can be customized with different style. If you want rolled up sleeves,if you want the big backpack or no packback,if your hacket has a hood,do you want the hood up or down Same thing for the helmets,do you want to have googles [if there is the option for it] if you want your helmet to have a visor,or for the visor to be up or down. It's simpler,because you're making less and giving more basically. So I hope you like the idea,that I didn't confuse anyone with this
  7. This bug appeared 100% of the time,on every single map i've played that has vehicles.Of course the game mode is Warzone. The bug is pretty straight forward,once your vehicle is damaged doesn't matter if it's standard spawn or your own score streak,when you come to the base to get repaired,the repairs do not work unless you adjust it on a certain angle. The angle however is always random,sometimes at the beginning of the platform,sometimes it's at the middle and sometimes at the back edge of it. I know for a fact some time ago,the repair platform in the base worked correctly and repaired vehicles on the spot as soon as you park in the middle. But now whenever i park,casually the repair does not want to start.Which is quite annoying because i need to spend a minute or so,to find the correct angle to get my vehicle repaired. This bug happens to me very single time,on every warzone map with every vehicle type.
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