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  1. It is not possible to have your account reset, no.
  2. No. There is no official news on weather or not the game will be ported to console
  3. Servers have been slowly dying as time has passed so we are pretty much left with NA, AS, and OC servers. Most games are played on NA servers during EST daylight hours.
  4. Citrus

    Helmet Headshots

    Audio is sort of bugged in the current alpha so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was either there and broken or not quite implemented yet. There seems to be a lack of audio feedback on a lot of things right now.
  5. Citrus


    Then no dice there dude. Sorry
  6. Citrus


    If it goes f2p there is some sort of unspecified in-game compensation planned on top of the veteran status/benefits coming standard weather or not the game goes f2p. If it goes p2p you simply won't have to purchase the game again upon re-release.
  7. I’m still trying to get a handle on troubleshooting techniques as there is a lot to dig through at the moment. The most immediate way to get assistance would be to go to the World War 3 Discord and ask for assistance. I’ll make efforts to reply here if I find the solution or a possible solution as well
  8. I haven’t messed with vehicles too much yet, but I’m going to assume Jammers and APS systems work in a similar manner to the live version. Both Jammers and APS are systems that operate on their own free of player input. For example, as soon as the APS detects a RPG it will automatically deal with it on its own. As the player you just slap them on the vehicle and let them do their thing. Though keep in mind Jammers are not effective against RPG’s or anti-tank grenades, much like APS’s are not effective against TV guided missiles like hellfires, stormbreakers, and memphisitos.
  9. So as you are likely aware there were server side issues yesterday. Not sure if once those were fixed your issue resolved or not. If that’s not the case my other advice would be to don’t use the quick play option to join games, it’s not very functional for the time being. Virtual cash is not around because the game is shifting to a level progression system it would seem, so no cash as a result. As for the settings, I have a feeling that’s probably a “feature” that hasn’t yet been integrated more so than a bug, but ultimately I’m not sure and I’m not a moderator so I don’t have a ton of insight into what’s a bug, what’s intentional, and what’s just not been added yet.
  10. Hey there! If you owned the game prior to it being pulled from Steam and did not refund the game before that point then you are eligible to play the Veteran Alpha Test. You should be able to see both WW3 and WW3 PTE in your Steam Library. In the event you can't see them check under the "Hidden" tab. I'll add a photo of that below for reference. To play the Veteran Alpha Test you are going to want to download the PTE though. Also for future reference topics like this should be posted in the help center. Hidden Tab:
  11. Hey! I'll add it to the FAQ so thanks for pointing it out. You can report bugs via the World War 3 Discord in the #VAT-Bug-Report
  12. If you did, in fact, buy the game during early access and it is not showing up in your Steam library here are a few links that may be able to help. https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/78F3-4DEB-80B4-E346#:~:text=If you are sure that,are visible in your Library.&text=at the top of the Steam client
  13. Preface: I am not a developer or a staff member of either Farm 51 or My.Games. The info presented in this topic is not a release from or creation by either company, but simply a quick series of explanations thrown together by me to answer questions you may have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge and will be updated if and when new info is revealed regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. [Last Update: September 30th, 2021] Hey there, all! Excitement is once again bubbling up to the surface for World War 3 in leu of the announcement of the Veteran Alpha Test and it's corollary announcement trailer. This has understandably raised questions from those who have just discovered the game, as well as for veterans rediscovering the game following this announcement. I am writing this post in the hopes of answering some of the most frequent questions that have popped up in one easy to digest article of sorts. If there are any questions you might still have after reading, the World War 3 Discord is a great place to ask any of those burning questions. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Links With the exception of a few topics, all of my source material for this post comes from the links down below. One of these links is a newsletter on Steam from Farm51 and My.Games while the other is a link to the superior 60 FPS Veteran Alpha Test announcement video. While I do boil down the article and video here in this post I would urge you to still take a moment and read them and familiarize yourself with the WW3 news page on Steam, as many major announcements and updates are released via this method with plenty of details that might just answer the questions you have. Veteran Alpha Test Trailer: Steam Newsletter: World War 3 - Veteran Alpha Test Playable from September 30 until October 4 - Steam News (steampowered.com) <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 1. Question: What is the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: The Veteran Alpha Test is an opportunity for veteran players of World War 3 to stress test a portion of the revamped version of WW3 that has been under development by Farm51 with the assistance of their publisher My.Games. 2. Question: Who Has Access to the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: Veterans, or those who purchased World War 3 while it was in Early Access on Steam and did not refund the game prior to it being pulled from Steam, are eligible to participate 3. Question: When Does Veteran Alpha Test Start/End? Answer: The Alpha Veteran Test begins September 30th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT and ends October 4th, 2021 at 12:00 GMT 4. Question: Where do I Access the Veteran Alpha Test From? Answer: Assuming you are a Veteran, the Alpha Test will be accessed via the World War 3 PTE, which can be downloaded from your Steam library. Keep in mind the Veteran Alpha Test does not go live until September 30th at 12:00 GMT so downloading the PTE early will not give you an early peak at the game. 5. Question: Where Will Servers be Located for the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: At this time the locations of servers are unknown as they are provided by My.Games. Server locations will be announced at a later date. 6. Question: Is the Veteran Alpha Test Under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Answer: No, there is no NDA for testing, as such you are allowed to stream and record the test as you please. 7. Question: Can I Stream and/or Record the Veteran Alpha Test? Answer: See #6 8. Question: Will Veteran Alpha Testers Have Access to All New Features, Weapons, Maps, ETC? Answer: No. Testers will not be given free reign over everything the game has to offer quite yet. Some customization features, maps, and other elements will not be available to Veteran Alpha Testers. We do not know to what extent the content is limited, but the maps that will be available to play are Berlin, Moscow, Warsaw, and Polyarny. 9. Question: I Did Not Purchase World War 3 During Early Access. Is There Any Way I Can Get Access to Veteran Alpha Testing? Answer: Unfortunately if you did not purchase WW3 while it was in Early Access, or refunded it before it was pulled from Steam, there is no way to get access to the Alpha Veteran Tests. This being said, there are plans to widen the pool of testers beyond Veteran players in the future. 10. Question: How Large is the Update/Download? Answer: For the time being we do not have details regarding the size of the update/download, though they will likely be forthcoming in the near future. 11. Question: Can the Alpha Test be Pre-Downloaded? Answer: Yes. September 29th at 12:00 GMT you will be able to pre-download the PTE with the Veteran Alpha Test update. Keep in mind this is a pre-download and as such the you will still not have access to the game until the next day, September 30th, at 12:00 GMT. 12. Question: Where Can Bugs Related to the Veteran Alpha Test be Reported? Answer: You can report bugs found while playing the Veteran Alpha Test on the World War 3 Discord in the #vat-bug-report channel. <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> With any luck this FAQ has answered a few questions you might have regarding the Veteran Alpha Test. That being said FAQ's are never a substitute for questions answered by real human beings, so feel free to stop by the Discord or reply to this post if you want to ask questions! Aside from that, I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Best regards, Citrus
  14. The Veteran Alpha Test will begin September 30th, 2021 and will be available to those who bought the game while it was still in Early Access (AKA before it was pulled off of Steam). There are plans to widen the scope of the testing in the future so don’t fret too much if you weren’t an early access buyer.
  15. I will be interested to see if the maps will change drastically in layout and look between each game mode. Obviously this happens to an extent already in the live version, but the difference between tdm and presumably the breakthrough mode shown in this video are far beyond the changes made in Berlin TDM and Berlin Warzone currently. I wouldn't necessarily see this as a downside as adjusting maps to accommodate the gameplay is all well and good. Instead, I point this out because in this video it shows what is currently the location for B1 and B2 on Berlin Warzone looking far more exposed than they used to be. Just a few lines of Hesco barriers and some craters isn't much in the way of cover from vehicles and especially airstrikes. If this layout carries over to the Warzone map I'd be interested to see how that works out.
  16. Generally you can find a half full or better server most days of the week from 05:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to 15:00 GMT. Weekends are generally busier with more servers full and people usually stay on a bit later as well.
  17. To be fair I’m not totally against an idea renovating alternate ammo. It’s largely underutilized expect in certain scenarios because it’s a pain to equip and you get such little use out of it once you do equip it due to the reduced amount of specialty ammo you can carry. I’m not sure about allocating a players entire ammo capacity is quite the right idea, but I think the proposed balances are at the very least a good start.
  18. Here. Try this https://discord.gg/tjSy6bS3xg Sorry I took so long
  19. Maybe the link you have isn’t a permanent one and it expired. The server also got a new vanity url so that might be the issue as well. I’ll try to get a permalink for you this evening
  20. The distribution model for the game is not yet finalized, so while the game will release again, hopefully sometime this year if estimates are accurate, the game could be free to play or it could be pay to play. All that being said, yes, the game will be available for purchase or download at a later date, just not right now
  21. I do not know the exact locations of the servers in use, but the servers for the live version of the game are not currently maintained and it is unlikely more will be added for the live version of the game. This is because the live version of the game is no longer for purchase on Steam, and the servers still available are left up as a courtesy for early access supporters to play on while the developers put their time and effort into overhauling the new version of the game.
  22. There are currently no NA-West servers available. As for getting kicked out of a server you were playing in; the server likely crashed. The current version of WW3 available to early access supporters is no longer updated or maintained by the devs, the same thing goes for the servers, as all the devs’ resources are currently focused on overhauling the new version of the game.
  23. They've tried this, but EU servers aren't responding to server restarts anymore.
  24. In the current Live version of the game there is no Spanish dub, subtitles, or interface. Currently English, Polish, Russian, and German are the only fully supported languages while both simplified Chinese and Japanese are partially supported.
  25. Do you just need the invite link to the server again, or do you have the link and said link is not allowing you yo join?
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