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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Isvx5lKB38 this needs to be implemented into the game when the devs claim they are focusing on "playable realism" they better be focusing on "playable realism" adding this toggleable feature would be one good step in the direction in the "playable realism" category if that's what we are going with here... when i aim down a 1x sight it should stay a 1x sight... my character shouldn't have some abnormal cyborg ability that magnifies his vision every time he ads's... it is more noticeable when you run a higher fov since the game has the 1x sights fov set to a specific variable... so once you increase your fov, the distance it has to travel from your current fov to the games set fov is far greater, giving it that horrible magnification effect... i find that if this toggleable feature were to be added, the game would gain little bit more attraction and would allow for a more enjoyable experience given by the preferences that are being met in game, it will as well gain a far better chance of motivation in new players to dive into the game as well as motivate them to stay longer, another thing to note is that [based off of my experience with mw 2019] this would only allow minor balancing issues in the game. i firmly agree that an fov slider does the same thing, you sacrifice some in game balance while on the other hand you are adding a feature that allows for a far more preferred visual experience given by the customization it offers. gunplay would remain mostly the same between each player encounter i believe, only in somewhat rare circumstances would this feature show a minor tactical advantage on the battlefield, like what an fov slider offers, and that is already in the game, so just let that sink in for a minute.... so in conclusion... its just like an fov slider in terms of [similar attributes] and [similar purposes], and is just another amazing feature waiting to be added for a more enjoyable experience on the battlefield...
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