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  1. Thanks Dunabar, looks promising We'll analyze your concept and try to rip&tear it to pieces It will take some time, tho. Nonetheless, thanks for your time. Your ideas and critiques are very helpful. They add some other/fresh view point to our in-house conversations. Cheers, mate!
  2. Thank you for all of your feedback guys.
  3. That's jumping to conclusions. It's a shame that you think that way. So, what can i say, thank you for all the constructive criticizm you left on the forum, and check the game on the 1.0v maybe? Cheers.
  4. Thanks for the feedback @TZoningHard, I think you've jumped into conclusions too quickly. We want to test things and break them, while we still can. The feedback from you as our community is important for us, but we also know what game we want to create. Enjoy the development ride and please be patient, until 1.0. New things will appear in the game, that will change the gameplay dynamics, a lot. We will make more focused test when all features are in place, for now we want to have a default with a potential for iterations. Cheers
  5. We will rework the HUD in coming weeks, perfect timing with this post @TZoningHard. Keep the ideas, suggestions flowing, we are reading and analysing all of them. Btw. freelook concept is very interesting.
  6. I agree, that shoting doritos isn't much fun, also game teaching you to spam [x] instad of using eyes, isn't ideal. In the original design, I wanted players to be able to leave an "in world" marker (not marking players but an area). In this design, gadget drones and the drones that you call in for Battle Points, would have the possibility to mark enemies. It was outvoted by a more casual friendly mechanic . If more people vote for changing this mechanic, we should be able to do so. So keep this topic alive, guyz. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. You can also forward @TZoningHard's feedback to the LD department, it's not like they only listen to me ? Thank you @TZoningHard, stellar job!
  8. It doesn't work that way Level has to be closed first, to start optimization work. The poly count isn't the problem. The bottleneck is in other area of the game.
  9. Yo, I have push it towards our LD boiz, thx for the suggestions @TZoningHard
  10. Warzone is about teamplay and capturing objectives. And there points are the most important thing. We don't plan to change all game modes to be based on kills.
  11. It's just, that kills make u win TDM not points. It would be misleading if we highlight players with most points but the game mode is about kills.
  12. TDM is about getting kills, it should reward players who are getting the most kills.
  13. Yeah, you would have to watch some earlier WW3 videos on YT, where players were really upset, by the bolt-action DMG output. We would have to fight against player habits, which isn't ideal. WW3 is a game, at the end of the day, and there will be some elements we must gamify.
  14. Morp

    new patch

    That will go on my shirt "Keep calm and listen to Morp"
  15. Morp

    new patch

    What are you talking about? It's not the full release of 0.3 patch, it's on PTE for a reason. It's not even the full patch, just some elements of it that we must test. Why don't you just went back to main branch if the game was unplayable for you? Or wait a bit for the patch to be completed, and released officialy? You are trying to run a test server of a early access game and get upset that it's not full quality? Where should we than test things, without the fear of community backlash? Do you realize that some issues can't be resolved by tossing more man on them. How an 3d vehicle artist will help in resolving server crashes? Or character artist will help with ram optimization? They do their part, which is generating new content. Btw. for people that play just fine it's important to get new stuff in the game anyways. Mate, I get your frustration, but do you get ours? We are spending 12-16h a day working to improve, fix and develop WW3. It's heartbreaking to read comments like "I don't know who is working in F51...." A lot of people are playing just fine so if you could just write down what's the problem, with your game, probably we could help. It's PC market, not consoles, every configuration is different so many things can go wrong. That's why the game is in EA. If you don't have the patience to play a game that isn't finished, maybe drop by in few months or on the full release? We would still appreciate if you stayed and helped us to sort thing out. Like helping people with configurations and problems simmilar to yours. It's up to you. Sorry for the rant.
  16. It's a bug and will be crushed, also the position of the repair stations on Warsaw isn't optimal
  17. We are reworking the sound system atm. There should be a big difference in 0.3 but it's not final by any means. Thanks for the suggestions and references. I lov the Heat shootout scene and the raw sound in it:
  18. We are reading. Keep the discussion alive.
  19. Morp can help by..... Summoning @Borreh Dear Borreh, could you please explain our friends, how our revolutionary shooting mechanics work? Thank You
  20. Yup, that's a neat idea. But also you have to take into considiration that we didn't fully implemented the battle responsibility system. Defenders will get more things to do in the future, but no spoilers. Nonetheless your suggestion doesn't collide with our ideas, so we will discuss it. Thank you.
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