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  1. This week we're bringing first look at some of Patch 0.6 features. There are few Warzone mechanics improvements, new strike, weapons, and character customizations. There are also stability and performance improvements. We're hunting in-game freezes, most of them are eliminated. There are also some adjustments in Recon game mode. Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not. Here is the list of changes for today's patch on the PTE. PTE 0.6 Patch Notes [Content] M4A1 is finally here. SA80 - British bullpup assault rifle, Ajax - British Armored Fighting Vehicle, British soldier uniform, [GAMEPLAY] New spotting system, Radio commands are converted to the radial menu system, Weapons balance pass, Game modes balance pass, Next bunch of heli drone tweaks and improvements, [WARZONE] Mobile Spawn Point - a special vehicle that allows all team members to spawn on it, [TWEAKS] New on-screen tips.
  2. Here we go with more fixes and improvements in our new PTE update. PTE 0.5.2 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Added more loading screen messages, Added option for camera to keep vehicle rotation in roll (X axis), [UI] Added "Server Info" tab in ESC Menu, [BUGFIXES] Fixed Heli drone ground dust particles, Fixed some statistics counting, Fixed random kicks to warmap after being punished, Few crashfixes, [TWEAKS] Tweaks of camerashakes from rockets, Tweaks in heli drone camera, Tweaks in heli drone bombs setup.
  3. Next bunch of tweaks , fixes and improvements is on the way! PTE 0.4.2 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Server browser improvements, showing detailed error messages, Improved auto-rotation. It should be more reliable now, Added a map to Moscow Senate TDM map, [BUGFIXES] Fixed wrong strikes naming, Fixes for spawn selection on deploy screen, Fixes for collisions on Moscow TDM map, Fixes for strikes collisions with soldiers.
  4. I've finally found that bug. It should be fixed. Thanks for reporting and answering questions
  5. Are you experiencing this bug repeatedly? Was the loading screen correct?
  6. Currently our matchmaking have higher priority for finding full servers, so sometimes the ping can be a little bit higher. It's hard to find the best balance between full servers and good ping. We will take a look into it and do our best to improve it. To help our work, can you tell me where are you living, what server regions are you choosing and what are your usual pings?
  7. Please don't look at server names. It's currently bugged and doesn't affect anything.
  8. We are investigating your minidumps and fixing errors. We should patch most common crashes today. Stay tuned
  9. Please verify your files. This error suggest that some of them are incorrect. Let us know if that helped.
  10. In this topic you can find answer for your question:
  11. It appears that we had some servers issue today morning in americas region. It should be all fine by now.
  12. How to get minidump file: Please right-click Start (Windows icon on task bar) -> select "Run" -> type %localappdata% and press Enter -> find folder WW3\Saved\Crashes and there you have folders with crashes. Inside each folder, there should be one minidump file -> this is what are we looking for.
  13. Is it also happening when you play solo? And does your friend have similar issues?
  14. We have found the problem, it will be fixed tomorrow.
  15. We have found the problem, it will be fixed tomorrow.
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