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  1. We've managed to fix the issue with sending players to warmap after they continued to stay and wait for another server. We are still investigating the issue with players being stuck on the screen when the map loads. With your reports we managed to fix most of the issues from the 0.7.9. Thank you for that. PTE 0.7.10 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed no grenade icon, Fixed issue with players returning to warmap instead of rotation, Fixed crashes after grenades explosions, Fixed bug with spawning drones under the map, [UI] Added players in lobby info to summary screen.
  2. Here's another patch for the PTE 0.7, in this one we have focused on fixing the issue with the markers - please let us know if you spot anything wrong with markers. We've implemented some fixes to the challenge system, it still needs some testing with counting the mission objectives. Good news is that we are closer to the release of the 0.7. Thank you for your engagement in testing! PTE 0.7.9 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] Different damage over distance for different barrel types [BUGFIXES] Fixed invisible markers issue, Suppress fire challenges fix, Use challenges fix, Fixed displaying challenges in menu, Fixed differences in rate of fire of mashineguns in turrets, Fixed vehicle strike drops, Other replication fixes, Some crash fixes, [TWEAKS] Reduced mark radius, Tweaks for Commando driving capabilities.
  3. Another patch, another bugfixes. Let's check it out during the weekend! PTE 0.7.8 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed known server and client crashes, Challenges: fixed winning match by one side while match should have ended with draw, Challenges: fixed double counting repair events, Gadget drones: fixed noise effects while reaching maximum range from controlling soldier, Various minor fixes with players replication, General audio fixes, General vehicle hud fixes, Fixed invisible US Army Pants.
  4. Here we go, thanks to the free weekend, we've found some fixes that should in theory improve performance. Let's test those! PTE 0.6.11 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Allowed async net loading, should reduce stuttering caused by server performance, Streaming improvements to reduce streaming issues (mainly Smolensk), Adjustments of neutral packs positioning on Warzone maps, Improved skins for Defender chest, Improved textures for M417 additional sights, [BUGFIXES] Vaultfixes on Polarnyj, Minor bullet penetration fixes, Destroy Packs fixes on Warsaw, Berlin and Polarnyj, Leader star wasn't disappearing after Barracuda scan.
  5. Hello everyone! Here we go with a little update for free weekend. 0.6.6 Hotfix Patch Notes [BUGFIX] Fixed bug with not working 7th and 8th config for some players, [IMPROVEMENT] Little adjustment in quick join, which should allow you to find server faster.
  6. Hello soldiers! Here we have another update with some new stuff to test. We've got a new weapon, vehicle, grenade and winter camouflage skins. There is also a bunch of improvements and bugfixes. Also, issues with getting stuck at authenticating screen should be solved for Asia. PTE 0.6.10 Patch Notes [GAMEPLAY] New Vehicle - Commando 4x4 New Weapon - M417 New Grenade - Impact New Camos - Winter Packs with resources are now spawned in special places on maps [BUGFIXES] Sounds bugfixes Level streaming and soldier falling under map bugfixes Fixed length of minimap available after calling UAV [IMPROVEMENTS] More battlepoints for destroying vehicles with Airstrike Drones and Air Strikes balance improvement "Fog Enabled" option replaced with "Volumetric Fog" changing between better quality and performance Improved world-space icons visibility (shadow added under icons and texts) Improved loading screens Better vaulting over Destroy Packs Dropped weapons stays on ground for longer time Separated headshot and killing headshot marker color Mouse scroll in vehicles changes ammo Ally soldiers icons are now visible through level (same way as squad icons) Giftcodes system added Bullets penetration tweaks Better collisions of dropped weapons Fixed not working lasers Longer visibility of marked soldiers Better player suppression sounds
  7. Greetings Soldiers! Big thank you for sending reports with the issues. We are dropping small patch with fixes around C2 on Berlin Warzone and the RCWS. 0.6.4 Hotfix Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed missing collision around point C2 on Berlin Warzone, Fixed broken RCWS on Mobile Spawn Point.
  8. Here we go with hotfix for missing meshes on Berlin and Smolensk. [BUGFIXES] Fixed missing meshes on Berlin Fixed missing meshes on Smolensk
  9. Here we go with next bunch of improvements to 0.6 version. In this one, we have focused on improving our new maps (Polarnyj and Smolensk). We were working on performance, collision fixes and general graphic improvements. We have also added destroy packs on Polarnyj. There are also multiple bug fixes. Most important are for mobile spawn point. We're also working on new minimaps. PTE 0.6.5 Patch Notes [BUGFIXES] Fixed 0 health bug after spawning at RCWS, Fixed a bug with flickering scopes, Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use some gadgets, Jamming fixes, Thermite granade fixes, Fixed Osprey Chest textures on low quality settings, Fixed a bug that always kicked players after 6th punishment, Fixed a bug that spawned players in wrong seat on RCWS in Mobile Spawn Point, Fixed a bug that made it possible to use gadgets, strikes and grenades as passenger in vehicle, Fixed gadgets requests from radial menu, Fixed a bug with incorrect player position while sitting at RCWS, Fixed a bug with being killed by touching vehicles, Fixed too big laser dot size, [GAMEPLAY] Adjusted battlezone and base placement on Smolensk, [IMPROVEMENTS] General Polyarny improvements, Vaults improvements on Polyarny, Added destroy packs on Polyarny, New textures for Berlin minimap, New textures for Warsaw minimap, [TWEAKS] Tweaks for camerashakes from MQ8C rockets, 30mm, 35mm and 40mm bullets damage tweaks - they will score one hit kill only with precise shot, [AUDIO] Fixed bug with wrong materials sounds during movement, Some new outdoor sounds for weapons, Better sounds for M4 MWS.
  10. This week we're bringing first look at some of Patch 0.6 features. There are few Warzone mechanics improvements, new strike, weapons, and character customizations. There are also stability and performance improvements. We're hunting in-game freezes, most of them are eliminated. There are also some adjustments in Recon game mode. Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not. Here is the list of changes for today's patch on the PTE. PTE 0.6 Patch Notes [Content] M4A1 is finally here. SA80 - British bullpup assault rifle, Ajax - British Armored Fighting Vehicle, British soldier uniform, [GAMEPLAY] New spotting system, Radio commands are converted to the radial menu system, Weapons balance pass, Game modes balance pass, Next bunch of heli drone tweaks and improvements, [WARZONE] Mobile Spawn Point - a special vehicle that allows all team members to spawn on it, [TWEAKS] New on-screen tips.
  11. Here we go with more fixes and improvements in our new PTE update. PTE 0.5.2 Patch Notes [GENERAL] Added more loading screen messages, Added option for camera to keep vehicle rotation in roll (X axis), [UI] Added "Server Info" tab in ESC Menu, [BUGFIXES] Fixed Heli drone ground dust particles, Fixed some statistics counting, Fixed random kicks to warmap after being punished, Few crashfixes, [TWEAKS] Tweaks of camerashakes from rockets, Tweaks in heli drone camera, Tweaks in heli drone bombs setup.
  12. Next bunch of tweaks , fixes and improvements is on the way! PTE 0.4.2 Patch Notes [IMPROVEMENTS] Server browser improvements, showing detailed error messages, Improved auto-rotation. It should be more reliable now, Added a map to Moscow Senate TDM map, [BUGFIXES] Fixed wrong strikes naming, Fixes for spawn selection on deploy screen, Fixes for collisions on Moscow TDM map, Fixes for strikes collisions with soldiers.
  13. I've finally found that bug. It should be fixed. Thanks for reporting and answering questions
  14. Are you experiencing this bug repeatedly? Was the loading screen correct?
  15. Currently our matchmaking have higher priority for finding full servers, so sometimes the ping can be a little bit higher. It's hard to find the best balance between full servers and good ping. We will take a look into it and do our best to improve it. To help our work, can you tell me where are you living, what server regions are you choosing and what are your usual pings?
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